Oslo day 2

We had to get up nice and early again. At least this time I had warning so I was able to shower and everything before leaving. We left at 7:30 and I just went straight back to the hostel for internet again. Soo sneaky am I. I actually stayed for about 6 hours. I was doing a mixture of things. I tried calling the Politi (Police) which is where you hand in your application forms for visas but they simply would not answer. I think maybe because it was a Friday. I don’t know. They didn’t really have much info suggesting any reasons why they might not be answering. I mean, when I say thay, it just took me ages to find the information telling me that they are closed on Fridays. I wanted to get a booking so I could hand in my application that day, before the weekend. But it seems that the cops take there weekend a day early in this part of the world.

I decided to call the UDI again. I wanted to find out if there was somewhere else I could hand in my application. I got a nice lady on the other end after a long wait, about 40 mins. Well she was nice but the information she gave me was not. I spoke to here for about an hour. We came to the conclusion that I couldn’t apply from within Norway unless I was super awesome and lots of pieces of paper to prove it (University education) and there was no other way of doing it. This lead me to get a little annoyed. Not at her. She was really helpful. She tried to find loopholes in the system for me and all this kind of stuff. Normally when you call a government agency, they try and get you on and off the phone as quickly as possible. She really tried to help. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be helped. I spent the rest of the time searching for some flights. I think I have explained this before but with an Aussie passport, I get 90 days within an 180 day period within the Schengen countries. The Schengen agreement is an a greement between a bunch of different European nations letting anyone travel between them as if it were just a domestic trip. They even let each other work in their countries. I had used about 83 days out of my 90 so far and I had planned on spending Christmas and New year in Hyeres/Southern France so needed to get out to preserve days. As it was, I was going to over stay my welcome when I went back but at least I could minimise the potential damage by a couple of days. I was looking for flights out of Oslo to London as the UK is not in the Schengen agreement so I could stay there for a maximum of 6 months as a tourist.

I actually found a flight that wasn’t out of this world crazy expensive and booked it. It was early the next morning. I had gotten myself into a bit of a bad mood, as you may imagine. Even though I had had the bit of luck at finding the cheap flight. I wanted to get out and about. Go and see some of Oslo that I had missed last time. I walked to this large park that is supposed to the pretty cool. It took me maybe 30 minutes to get there and I would say it was worth it. Better than bumming around a hostel that I wasn’t even staying at. The place is full of sculptures by a single artist (I think) and they are all of humans in various states. All have different emotions and doing different activities. Really quite cool. In the centre of the park was this spire that went quite high. You could see it from quite a distance, even from outside the park (and this was no small park either) but what I didn’t realise from that distance what it actually was. It was a spire made of people sort piled up/crawling their way to the top. Scrambling over each other to get to the top. The were limbs and heads everywhere and they were all of different ages and sizes.

I continued walking around the park, I think the sculptures only take up park of the park, and I found a nice little hill/mound to climb. I tried to go up, though I might get a view. Took a few goes. There was a fair bit of water on the ground. It was probably only 2 degrees or something, and there had been snow which was melting really slowly therefore it kind of hangs around on the ground for a long time. Made the climb a little slippery but I got there in the end. At the top I couldn’t see anything. It was surrounded by trees so I decided to climb down the other side. This side had rocks on it which I didn’t think would be a problem. I got half way down, then couldn’t work out how to get the rest of the way. The problem was that this side was in the shade, so all the areas out in the sun was melting a bit, the water on the rocks was ice still. I didn’t have my awesome, pro, traverse-any-terrain boots on so therefore I couldn’t just traverse any terrain including icy rocks. I ended up taking a leap of faith and it worked. I survive to get lost/stuck again.

From there, I walked around a bit more. There were a bunch of dogs playing in the thin snow which was amusing. They would be chasing each other or just a ball and then slide around as they tried to stop. I eventually left and headed to a nearby grocery store for some food for my plane the next day.

I ended up walked back to Alex’s where he only beat me home by a few minutes. We sat around for a while and I explained what had happened with visa stuff and told him that I was leaving the very next day. At about 5:30, I started making dinner. Alex had told me he loved potatoes. How could I leave without offering to make him my now famous potato bake. This edition came with reindeer instead of bacon. Was still pretty good! Even though Norway was in the middle of a butter shortage crisis (?!?!) We were eating at about 7:30 and at 8:00 the next Couchsurfer arrived. It was a Hungarian guy that I never understood the name of. We all sat around until about 10:00 when we opted (I think mainly me and Alex) to go to bed. For me it had been a long and frustrating day….


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