Honningsvåg to Alta

Sorry it has been a bit of a wait in between posts. Just kind of lost interest. Plus I wasn’t doing as much so not all that much to write about. But I did just find some that I wrote up and didn’t actually post.

I had to get up early again for my bus to Alta. I was up at 5:45. I was able to get breakfast at the hostel as she sets it up early for the people who work or something like that. When I went out, the weather was not pleasant. It was very windy. Not all that cold but the wind was high. I waited at the stop just outside the hostel for maybe 10 minutes with my back to the wind so my face didn’t freeze. The result of that was that my ass froze instead. I though that that my jeans were getting really wet and I was worried this could be a problem. It could be a very uncomfortable ride if they stayed wet when the snow melted. I got on the bus and dreaded that first sit. Dry. No idea how, I mean, I was constantly having snow thrown into my legs and bum by the wind, but not a drop stuck. Oh well, not complaining.

I had the choice of catching this bus or one that left later in the day. I am glad I chose this one. About half way through the ride, there was enough light to be able to see stuff again. The snow was deep and the mountains amazing and the rocks scattering the hillsides just to polish it all off. I knew this was the last chance to see this great scenery before I headed away again so I really tried to take it in.

The bus ride was unfortunately eventful again. The bus wasn’t working again and we had to change twice. I finally arrived back in Alta at about 11:00 where Ingred picked me up. We went back to her house and hung out for a ages. She had work at 5:00 so we were just sitting around for that entire time. She offered the Xbox as soemthing to do while she was at work and I couldn’t help myself. I played on it for a while and about half way through I got to skype Ellis. And I ate dinner. So wasn’t really that absorbed.

When Ingred came back at about 10:00, we hung out some more until about 2:30. I was so tired from by trip that morning that even though I wanted to stay awake, I simply couldn’t.


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