Tromsø to Alta

I got up kind of late and did my own thing for a while. That meant internet and business. We ended up leaving late however. I was going to leave earlier but then Irene said she was going in as well so I waited around for her. There was this museum that Irene had recommended to me called the Poleria. Not only was it an interesting looking building but it was supposed to be a really cool inside as well. It is an Arctic ‘discovery’ centre I guess. Anyway, my bus to Alta was going to leave at about 4:30. Me and Irene took the bus into the centre, she got off before me and I continued to Poleria. I only had less than an hour before I needed to be on the bus and I was going to give myself 20 minutes to get back to where it leaves from. I took some photos of the outside and then went in. Not really sure why I did that, Spent a bit of money on something I knew I wouldn’t get much time to look through. I went in and had a look at some of the exhibits. Was all very interesting. Some of the things that happens up there is crazy. They talk about ice samples 5000 years old and 1.5Km thick.

After a bit they had a seal show starting. I went to have a look. They did have a huge walrus sized thing which was pretty cool but I had to leave. I walked back to the bus station and got on the bus. The bus ride was super cool. I was sleeping on and off again and each time I woke I would just look out the window and be blown away again and again and again. I have simply run out of new words to describe the scenery and how much I love it. It is just impossible to comprehend. You should come. Have a look for yourself.

When I arrived in Alta; Actually, firstly, I had been talking to my host and she had mentioned that she thought that there was another couchsurfer staying with her that was on the same bus as me. I had been looking around but the name ‘Federico’ made me think it was an Italian or Spanish female. Turns out it was a male. Anyway, I couldn’t find any Spanish or Italian females so but I had seen a guy that looked like he was from the Mediterranean. When we all got off the bus, he picked up a backpack and I knew it was him immediately. I asked him and I was right. We walked over to where we were going to be meeting our host, Ingred (pronounced without the ‘d’) in a shopping centre. She was working at a shop in there and we sat at the cafe right next door. It was about 10:30 at night when we arrived and so we had to wait for her to finished at 11:00 which was fine. Me and Federico just talked about what we were doing in our travels. He was only on a short trip, from Milano, wanting to see northern lights and get as far north as he could in a short period of time. When Ingred finished, she drove us to her house and we settled in. Nice house. It was her parents but they work out of town. We had some beers and sat around talking for several hours. As in we stayed up until 4:30. That was a pretty long time. All three of us got along pretty well.


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