Alta to Honningsvåg

I woke up at about 11 but I didn’t bother moving until more like 12. When I did get up, I went and got some breakfast and showered (in no particular order) and then sat around with Federico and Ingred looking over the disgrace we had created the night before. It was still very funny but made far less sense 🙂 . Ingred started work at about 1:00 so we all went to the cafe where she was working while I waited for my bus. Federico and I sat there for an hour before I had to head off to the bus station just outside the shopping centre.

I waited for a bit and it finally arrived not to much later than it was supposed to leave and then to top it off, the bus we were getting on, the eftpos wasn’t working so we all had to use the machine on a different bus. We finally got away half an hour after schedual. Not a problem, I wasn’t in any huge rush. We drove for a few minutes and I had started talking to the lady next to me long enough to find out that the reason we had stopped at the airport stop for so long was because the bus was ‘broken’. We all had to get off, grab our luggage and go inside while we waited for a different bus. It arrived after a bit, we all got on that one and left. This one worked thankfully. I had told the hostel I was arriving at a time but they wouldn’t be closing the reception until 9:00 and I was due to arrive at about 7:30. Anyway, we got back on the road and headed off. After about half an hour, this bus pulled over. It was also broken. The process of getting on and off buses was getting a little tedious. This one had stopped in the middle of nowhere though. The driver called for another bus, turns out it was the original one they had now fixed, and we just had to wait. I’m not really sure how it happen but the now fixed bus arrived in about 20 minutes compared to our 30. It drove us for a while, a long while, but a while before we got to some major town. This was a transfer station I think as we waited there for a long while and lots of people jumped on and off different buses. I had to stay on this one. Eventually, we got going again and somehow made it to Honningsvåg (pronounced Honningsorg). It was a bit of a mission, one that needn’t be so damn difficult but all I was concerned about was that I had arrived and at 8:30, which was before the closing time of the hostel.

It also dropped me off right in next to the hostel which was nice. Me and two Asians got off and headed down the slope to the hostel. Thank you hiking boots. I can traverse any terrain in these things, with great amounts of pain. I just ahadn’t worn them in yet and they were producing a fair bit of pain above the ankle where they rubbed at the top. When we got in, the lady checked us in and showed us to our rooms. I was in a 6 bed dorm, to myself. Actually I had a bit of a laugh to myself when the two Asians checked in and he produced this file, full of papers that I can only assume was pre-booked accommodation and travel methods. When I had set myself up (and taken my boots off), I went to the kitchen to make some dinner. I did have a small problem though. The food bag was as if it had a whole in it. I didn’t have any supplies at all. No pasta or fruit or anything really. Was some pasta on the bench in the kitchen which looked free so I had that. It looked a little dusty, the pasta, so I gave it a bit of a rinse before putting it in the water. This didn’t work as well as I hoped. Yes it was clean, but it made it all stick together so when I was trying to cook it, I couldn’t get them all to separate so they didn’t cook evenly. This was the least of my problems. When I tried the pasta, the see if some of it was cooked, it tasted horrible. I didn’t think pasta could go off but I just proved myself wrong. Two lessons learnt. Don’t wash the dust off pasta, it doesn’t work very well. And secondly, if the pasta looks dusty enough that it needs a rinse, then it probably isn’t very edible in the first place.

After throwing it all out, I decided I needed really needed to eat. I took the other bag of pasta (No I didn’t fish the bad pasta out of the bin) that was not open yet and used that instead. I didn’t like the idea I might be stealing from someone else’s food stash but there was a couple of bags, in the same place that the free pasta was. They should learn to put there stuff away, at least in places that don’t suggest that it is free. This pasta tasted good. Plain, but it filled the belly. When I finished, I did some clothes washing. It took way too long because I couldn’t open the door and accidently sent the thing into a second cycle. Anyway, while I waited, I was just watching TV and I ended up going to bed around midnight.


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