Alta full day

The night before we agreed that we would we would go to a Sami village. Sami are the native people of the Northern parts of the world. They live in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Canada and I think Alaska. The place we were going to was about 2 hours by car. We decided that we would leave around 10:30 so that we could be there while it was light. This didn’t work out so well. I set my alarm for 9:30 but didn’t get up until about 10:15 instead. It was ok, because I was the first up. We had breakfast which I cooked. Was scrambled egg with plenty of butter and some brown cheese. I was ridiculed a bit for putting the cheese in but it was still good. I liked it at least. I had had it before at some point so I knew what it was like, tasty. After breakfast, we left. Ingred was driving. There was no way me or Federico would drive. Neither of us had driven in snow before but at least was on the right side of the road. I didn’t stand a chance. The most difficult terrain I have driven on was gravel and even then I have spun out once. It was a pretty good trip. We went through the ‘creepy’ place which was this valley that has some ghost stories attached to it. Other than that it was stunning. It was like a small fjord, sheer rock faces all around us and we were right next to the stream at the bottom. Was absolutely beautiful. Most of the rest of the trip was in wooded area so less interesting but it was snowing which was fun. We all had a pretty good time just chatting and joking the whole way. We arrived at the Sami ‘village’ after about two hours. It was pretty snowy and Ingred didn’t want to go too fast. It turns out it was a town that was full of Sami people. It isn’t like they all own reindeer (the more reindeer you have, the richer you are), in fact it looked like any other town you have ever been to. Unless you have never been to a town covered In half a metre of snow. Then it is like no other town you have ever been to. The one attraction that Ingred knew about that was open all year round was a silver smith. The Sami people used to be nomads and so the things of value that they could easily take with them was always jewellery and they have a fair bit of silver up in that part of the world. We were a little hungry from our journey so we went off and went to a cafe for a quick bite. We then drove back to Alta. It was dark this time round and the snow was coming down hard. I think it took us closer to 3 hours to get back this time. Ingred was really being very cautious which made perfect sense and was really quite glad she did. When we got back, we went straight to the shops for some food for dinner. Federico and I had already decided we would cook. He would make the main meal and me, just a snack like thing to start. He spent a while on the phone calling his dad or brother or some other Italian relative to find out exactly how to make his risotto. He then proceeded to buy a huge amount of different ingredients to make his master piece. I bought chicken.We watched some guy over his shoulder, making some pendant thing and then went further into the museum. It was a mixture of museum and giant souvenir shop. They had a lot of Sami ‘artefacts’ but like I said, they are nomads so most of the big or heavy stuff, they left behind. Therefore the big things and heavy things were new. Although, I am lead to believe that they were all made my the family that owns the museum/souvenir shop. We walked around for a bit, looking at all the jewellery, stuffed animals, hunting tools and fur rugs they had to offer. As we were about to leave, the lady that was one of the founders started taking us on a tour but then at one point she walked away. Maybe she didn’t think we were interested, or she got distracted by one of the pretty pendants that she had made. At that point we left.

When we got back, we started cooking. It was about 6:00 and Ingred was having a friend over, Nina, that she hadn’t seen in a while as she had been overseas. When she arrived, they disappeared and chatted while the men slaved over the stove making our foods. Well, actually, I was lazy and started way too late. We ended up with the entrée at the same time as the main but no matter. When dinner was ready, we sat down with our wine after a couple of beers each and enjoyed our meal. Federico’s risotto was pretty good actually. It was a saffron risotto so came out yellow. After dinner, we all went over to the couch and started chatting. After a while of being normal, we started making puns on US cities and states. I think the best examples were things like “I Los Angeles and Miami (my Amy) and a ton of washing (Washington). That really Illinois (Ill annoys) me when I’m smoking in Portland (pot land) with Mississippi (Mrs Hippy). If you find them, just Texas (text us) or Dallas (dial us).”, “U.S.A” (You say), “Alaska” (I’ll ask her), “Hawaii“ (Ha? Why?), “Kentucky” (Instead of “Can’t touch this”. (The song by MC Hammer), “Florida” (Flo-Rider), “Seattle” (See at all), “Idaho” (either Hired a hoe or I don’t know), “Indiana” (Indie Anna) and then another I thought of later was “Happy New York” (Happy new year). Yes we all had much fun with this. So much so we made a song out of that first phrase I wrote down. The thing is we only spent a couple of hours on this. Imagine what we would be capable of if given a week! I thinks we would be made illegal. Please feel free to add any more in the comments if they come to you. I would love it! At about 3:30, we had had enough. Nina went home and the rest of us hit the sack. It was actually a really long day even if we didn’t really do that much.


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