Tromsø full day

I got up whenever I felt like it. I didn’t set alarm or anything. It was 11 I believe. What a sleep! I had breakfast and a shower and we left the house together at about 2:00. I caught a bus to a funicular that goes up a hill that looks over the town. The old town of Tromsø is on a large island in the middle of an even larger lake. The hill was on the other side of the water separating the two parts of town. When I got to the top, I walked out of the little building and it was fantastic. The whole town is just in the middle of mountains and there was snow everywhere. It was about 30cm deep and there was very few people around. I walked out to the edge and just looked around. The sun was producing great colours on the horizon going from pink to orange to blood orange as it went further down. I went up the hill a little further for better view and I don’t know. I just looked at everything. This place just makes me leave my mouth hanging open, which is very dangerous as liquid tends to freeze when exposed. It was pretty cold up there again and as I was trying to take photos, I struggled to keep my fingers doing what I asked them to do. I stayed up there for about an hour. I must have just missed a trip down (couldn’t walk, no paths and was too shear.) but I was too cold to stay out. When I did get back down, I started to walk back to town. I got to a church thing which is supposed to be nice inside but it was closed. I could see the back wall though and it looked like it was made of ice. Like a frozen waterfall.
I continued on, across the only bridge connecting the island and mainland. I was unlucky and got onto the wrong side of the road. The light was very low already and it was only 2pm, but the direction the sun was going down was on the other side of the road. The sunset was now green. Loved it. By the time I crossed the bridge and went onto the other side, it was nowhere near as good anymore. I walked to the centre of Tromsø. There is only 3 streets which make up the town. I walked up and down all of them.

I then decided to buy some boots which I really needed. I found the only sports shop in Tromsø and the guy was pretty helpful. I thought that it was going to be crazy expensive but it wasn’t really. And I was pretty happy with the boots which I put on straight away. Now that I was properly equipped, I decided to walk back to Irene’s. It was already properly dark and it was 3pm. It took me about 30 minutes to walk back and I found that Irene wasn’t back yet. She only had one key and she had brought it with her which I knew but I thought she might have been home already. Didn’t matter, I walked back in and just wandered around. I got a kebab and literally just wandered.

It was actually really nice at night. They have heaps of xmas lights up everywhere and snow covering everything. The thing is that people think that because it gets dark so early, there isn’t anything to do and it is depressing but that just isn’t true. They put up lots and lots and LOTS of light and with the snow, it just brightens everything up substantially. I walked around for a bit longer. I don’t even know how long. I lost track of time. All I know is that I walked back to Irene’s and arrived at about 4:30 because she told me she would be back around 4:00. She wasn’t back yet but I just waited and she was just a couple of minutes behind me. We went in and we started making fish soup for dinner after hanging out for a bit. Was pretty tasty. After dinner, we sat at the table using internet (she had a lot of people on CS asking her questions that she felt obliged to answer) talking and doing our own thing. Was really very relaxing. I think I ended up going to bed around 10:30ishish.


One thought on “Tromsø full day

  1. Can’t believe how beautiful this place is and yet I have never heard of it…..until now 🙂
    Enjoy every minute Jacob.
    Loving your blogs!!!

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