Bodø Full day

As I continue, I arrived on the train at about 9:15. My first thought was I needed to find somewhere with internet so I could see if I had struck it lucky with some last minute Couchsurfing. I walked out of the station and walked towards the centrum where I was bound to find a massacs or Burger King where I could borrow internet. After seeing the state of the streets, I realised it was Sunday and this is not a good day for travellers. Most things are closed and therefore there was not a single person on the street. I walked around for a bit, found an area with a fair few cafes and restaurants so I whipped out my computer to see if I could find an internet without a password. This didn’t work. They all had passwords and none of the passwords was simply the name of the place. I walked a bit more and eventually found a Burger King inside a shopping mall. It was closed and didn’t open until 12. and none of the other shops were open either. I tried the old ‘whip out laptop’ method again which actually worked this time. Thank you Burger King, I am not going to buy a single thing from you. I sat there for about an hour trying to work something out. Firstly it was slow internet. And no one had got back to me about Couchsurfing and then I looked at hotels of which the cheapest would cost me 2 days worth of budget. I then looked at maybe moving straight on and catching a ferry that same day to Lofoten which was the whole point of going to Bodø in the first place. The next ferry that I could find was going to be late that night and with no idea what to do in the town, nothing open, tourist info closed and the world about to end, I was running out of options. I don’t know what made me do it, but I decided to go back to the train station. (like seriously, I can not think of any logical reason for doing that. There was nothing to gain. Maybe it was in the hope it would kill a bit of time) Doesn’t really matter why because I caught a little bit of luck and right next door the train station, in the same building in fact, was a HI hostel. I had not seen it before as it was around the corner a little but coming towards the station I could see the sign. They had heaps of availability so I got a nice dorm bed to myself easy.

Ok so problem A was solved with a bit of luck. Problem B was i had no food and there were no supermarkets open. The people at the hostel had only one option which was a service station some distance away. I had to walk about 25 minutes, round trip, to get myself some eggs. Problem B solved with a fair bit of effort. Problem C. I don’t actually have a problem C. But It would have rounded the whole thing off nicely if I had. Things do come in threes. I pretty much spent the rest of the day on the internet. I was sorting stuff out for my trekking over to Lofoten and then further north. At some point I had dinner. Dinner was a twist on the classic spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese. Mine was spaghetti (leftover from Bergen I think) with my 2 remaining eggs mixed in at the end. It was like fried rice but fried spaghetti and no veggies. It worked.

After dinner, and during dinner I guess, there was a group of students that had been sitting around talking about stuff. They were speaking English but none were native. At some point they pulled out some cards and started playing a game that made no sense. They played for a bi then decided to play something else. While they were deciding, I jumped in and suggested Spoons. Spoons is a stupid, yet fun, game we used to play in scouts. I thought it might go down well in this crowd. Plus I wanted some human interaction. They seemed to enjoy it. We played a few warm up games and then got into the real thing. They didn’t try quite as hard as the scouts. One part of the game is when you achieve your goal, you grab a spoon from the table. Once one person has grabbed a spoon, everyone else can get one too. This means everyone is diving to grab a spoon at the same time. When I played with the scouts, if I was the first to grab one then I would knock a bunch of the spoons off the table just to watch all the people dive for them. It worked in scouts but not for these guys. They just laughed and agreed they all lost. That’s no fun…. What was fun was the rest of it. They all seemed to enjoy it and had a good number of laughs. Who knows, they might bring it back to their own countries. Spread the looove

Anyway, after playing for a while, we had gotten pretty bored so they all went to bed. I was in a similar situation as I was tired aaaaz from the train ride so I went to bed.


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