Bodø day 2 (to Lofoten)

Oooh yeeaaahh. About a week behind. Love it. Power journaling. It’s ok, there isn’t much to see in Honningsvåg anyway.

Back to Bodø. I got up and packed all my gear up after breakfast and shower. I had a bit of time in which to do stuff before my ferry later that afternoon. When talking to the girls the night before, they had said they had done a walk up a hill/mountain (European speak/Australia speak) which gave some good views over the area. So I decided I would do that as well. I firstly wanted to go to the tourist office just to check the ferry and everything. The only info I had been from the internet and I don’t like the internet most days of the week for info like that. Sometimes it is out of date or just wrong. Anyway, on this occasion, internet was right. I walked back towards the hostel only to go right back past it like a boss heading for the mountains. I don’t need no hostel.

I had to walk for about 20 minutes before I got to the base of the hilltain. I wasn’t really sure which path I had to take, as there were lots of them, nor was I sure which hilltain I was supposed to be getting to the top of. Basically I just went with my nose. Or even my eyes… That were guiding my feet. In fact my nose had very little to do with it. About half way up, I caught up to some random Norwegians that were climbing the same hilltain. They were a nice family of mother, father and daughter. When I say mother, father and daughter, mother and father were retired and daughter was married with 3 children. They all spoke great English and they were interested in my travels so it was so easy to talk to them. We all kept climbing up and it slowly got more difficult. It wasn’t until we were a fair way up that I actually turned around and had a look to see what we had done. I was pretty happy. The view was spectacular. The air was crystal clear and I could see mountains across the fjords. We kept walking up. Several time I thought we were there and then you come over the crest and you see it goes further up still. I was ok, better view the higher you go.

When we reached the top, it was windy. As in, it was hard to stand still windy. But the view was worth potential death. I could see snow topped mountains everywhere. It was a full 360 view. Well maybe only 280 but still that is pretty good. Not only the snow capped ones but the mountains that were at the heads of the fjords that would plunge into the ocean way Way WAY below. I could just make out some of the mountains of Lofoten as well which is where I was heading next. In fact, the whole purpose of me staying in Bodø was to go to Lofoten. Oh well, now I have seen it. I can go home now. Haha, just kidding mum 🙂 We stayed up the top…. Just a sec. Like the view was spectacular. I can’t actually find the words. There were fjords going into fjords and ocean and towns and cabins and snow and nice weather (maybe clean weather is the better term). Love Norway!!!

As I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself, after staying up there for a little while, we walked back down. The walk down is always harder. Granted it is not as exhausting as going up but it is far more slippery going down. Annoying. Still, it felt a lot quicker coming down than going up. It definitely helped the fact that the people I had met gave me a lift down the annoying part. Turns out I had met them not long after they had started so I got to walk the interesting bit and then they gave me a lift all the way back to my hostel. Oh, I forgot to mention, funny story (Kind of). When we were walking back down, one of the people I sent a couch request to happened to be climbing the hilltain as well. He simply heard me talking English and just gave it a shot at guessing my name. He was right. His excuse for not replying was that he had been out of town with no access to his email account that he uses for Couchsurfing so he didn’t know I had asked for a couch. He did send me a message while I was on the hilltain though so he is excused. The other… You better watch your backs…

When I got back to the hostel, firstly I had top thaw out a bit, then I hunted down all the people that didn’t reply and burnt their houses before lunch. I went out to get supplies for the ferry and dinner that night. I got myself a pizza from a fastish food place. Normally a bit to expensive for lunch but the idea was that it would be a snack later as well. I went back to the hostel to eat after going to the super market. While eating, I used a bit of internet (lucky for that guy I believed his story about not replying as I did consider burning his house for safeties sake. He told the truth) and left the hostel at about 4 for a 4:30 ferry. I had walked past the terminal the day before when I was hunting for eggs.

When I arrived, I had to wait a couple of minutes to get on, I paid my fair and found a seat. It was pretty tough. I had to choose only one of these seats out of about 300 allocated to me. There was only about 10 people on. I wonder how they make money. I guess they wished it was summer all year round. Or at least that tourists didn’t care about winter. The trip took about 3 or 4 hours. When I arrived in the town called Moskenes, there was a lady from the hostel waiting to give me a lift as it was dark and the hostel was a bit to far to walk. It was in a town called Å. Pronouced ‘or’. When I arrived, I settled in. The place was actually quite nice. Some old fisherman’s cabin and made entirely of wood. No internet though. The area had been hit by a store several days earlier and it had knocked out the internet of the rooms. At least I had electricity and heating.


One thought on “Bodø day 2 (to Lofoten)

  1. Great blog again Jacob…..what is the temperature there? We were talking to some friends of ours in Canada yesterday and they tell us it is -22 degrees over there…..I am guessing it is at least that, if not colder where you are…..I can only imagine 🙂
    Take care and keep having loads of fun. xx

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