Trondheim to Bodø

ALARM!!$^#&*. I had set the day before for 8:00 so I had time to get up for breakfast and checkout. Now I had gone to bed at roughly 5:30 the previous night (I guess it was technically the same night because the sun had not risen yet) and so if your maths is as good as mine that means I only got two and a half hours sleep. Pretty cool stuff. I did get up, I did have a shower and I did have breakfast. Oh the joys of life. After breakfast, I packed my stuff up and put it into the luggage room after checking out with 5 minutes left on the check out clock… Haha! Just had a thought. On Play School, instead of the rocket clock or the flower clock, they should have the Check Out clock. (For the foreigners that probably don’t even read this – Play School is a popular children’s program that has been running on TV longer than TV has even existed. One of the segments of the show is they refer to an analogy clock that will either be mounted on a rocket or a flower.) It is an angry hostel staff member with a clock on her chest and she has her finger pointed at you menacingly. This clock is far more practical than a clock that tells you when the rocket will launch or a flower will die. Ok, sorry for that. Was funny in my head.

Anyway, I quickly used internet before heading out to see Trondheim. I start with the fort that was up on the same hill as my hostel. The fort was situated in a nice little park/forest area that had a nice amount of snow around. The problem was that I think the temperature had gone above 0 for long enough for some of the snow on top to melt a bit, but then to refreeze again when it got into the centre of the little snow colony. Means that it was as slippery as ice and all I have was my Australian shoes on. Another reason why I was able to slide down the hill the night before (and slide back up it hours later). I walked around, taking some photos of the nice surrounds and views that I got from up on the hill. I know that maybe going to a fort for most people isn’t really that interesting, and in most cases, it isn’t but the one thing you can rely on is that they were built in particular positions for a reason. They are always on high advantage points, over looking stuff for defensive purposes. Therefore, as a tourist in this day and age, they are simply a good spot to go for a view.

After I had my fill of nice scenery, I walked (slid) down the other side towards the city centre. One of the most famous things in Trondheim (apparently as I have been told) is the wooden buildings that line the river that goes along one edge of the centre. They also have an old wooden bridge that goes over it. Well, I don’t know exactly how famous these buildings are but they were very cool. Most of the time in Europe it is old stone buildings but wooden ones are far less common. I think I went through that in a previous post when I was in…. Bergen? Maybe? Because of the old town there? Why is everything a question? And in my had the sentence always finishes on a much higher note? Well you get the idea anyway. Wood is different to stone therefore Jacob likes it. After marvelling and photoing, I headed over to the cathedral that seemed to be quite large from the fort. It was quite large and made out of stone (can’t win everything) but not all that impressive inside. Kind of bland to be honest. I know, I’m a cathedral expert now. I can have an opinion. From there I walked to the tourist office, I had a plan. I asked where I could use internet as I had left my laptop in the hostel and I didn’t want to have to slide all the way back. The tourist info lady sent me to the library where anyone can get free internet. I emailed Klarissa again telling her my train didn’t actually leave until later that night 11:30 and that if she had a bit of free time, if we could meet up in an easier place.

I actually ended up staying for about an hour. Just doing stuff. When I left, I walked around. And I mean I just walked. And it was for quite a while. I didn’t see anything in particular. I must have passed all the shops in the main area twice. Eventually, I passed a spot that got to look down the side of the cathedral which reminded me that I had seen a grassed area next to it, that also followed the river from up on the fort. So I walked over to it and around the back of the cathedral where there was a cemetery. This one was pretty good. Lots of moss on the gravestones and trees with no leaves and the graves seemed to be in no orderly fashion. Not quite wherever they wanted (probably not the dead persons choice but a relatives) but not exactly perfectly lined up in an aesthetically pleasing way. Someone with ocd would have not been able to cope. I guess I am the opposite and that is what makes a good cemetery from a ‘bad’. I’m also an expert on cemeteries. Don’t knock it.

I walked around for a bit more. At some point I had heard from Klarissa and she said to meet at 5:00 at one of the most obvious landmarks in town. In my email, I had told her exactly what I was wearing and the day pack was the biggest thing to scream TOURIST. I had to wait about an hour and a half before then, after I left the cathedral. I was getting pretty hungry so I decided to get something to eat. After walking around looking for a good deal, I settled on a tried and proven feast of hotdog. Was perfect. It was cheap(ish), tasted bad and it filled the hole that was my stomach. Pity it didn’t make time disappear. I had to kill another hour so I walked to the train station to see that my train was still leaving at the same time and then looked at stuff. It was warm in there so I just sat for a bit. I had done a fair bit of walking so I enjoyed the rest.

Eventually, I met up with Klarissa. The thing was, I felt we had put a fair bit of effort and energy into meeting up the night before that I didn’t want to make it a wasted investment. Especially as it as mainly me trying to message her even though she wasn’t receiving them. She wasn’t going to be able to stay for too long but wanted a snack while I wanted dinner so we went into the Burger King that was right next to us. We chatted away about our different travels for over an hour before she needed to go. Would have been good to hang out with her a bit more (oh I don’t know, 6 hours last night would have done the trick) and then I went back to the hostel. I sat and used internet, for a few hours until I decided to leave for the train. I got on and found what I thought was my seat. My ticket said something like wagon 4 (28 animals allowed). I didn’t know if I was sitting in seat 28 or if I was allowed to bring 28 animals with me on board. It was the seat option although it could have been the animals as well, I didn’t actually ask. I was sitting in one of those annoying 4 seat things where you face someone and there was 3 of us. It meant we couldn’t spread out and use a spare seat across from us as foot rests. That actually soon changed. I was asleep pretty quickly after only having two and a half hours the night before. I am actually really impressed with myself for staying awake even that long. When I woke up at one point, the woman across from me had gone and I was sitting next to the other person so stretch I did. Feet up on the other seat (Shoes off mother. Don’t worry) so it was like being in bed. I fell asleep again and woke up and sleep and awake and sleep and awake and sleep and asleep and awake and awake and something in between awake and asleep and awake and asleep. During one of the awake phases, I notice my friend (that I had never spoken to) had left as well. 4 seats for meeeee. Couldn’t really do anything with the extra space but also the guy behind me had gone so chair went all the way back (as far as it would go). After many hours on the train, We pulled into Bodø at about 9:15. That is where I will end today and…yeah


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