Trondheim day 1 (My B’Day)

It’s my birthday. A good way to start a post in a blog. The day started simple. Breakfast and shower before settling down on a couch with a table in front of it. I actually got to speak to Tom for an hour or so while eating breakfast. It ended when the woman cleaning wanted to get me out. To be honest, I had been there for 45 minutes after breakfast finished so she was well within her right to ask me to leave.

Once I was on the couch, I was able to talk to Tim and Lil at the same time over skype for over an hour again. And then it was the families turn. Again, over an hour. So by the time all of my skyping was over, it would have been about 2pm. While I was talking to…people, it was snowing nice and heavily outside. It was quite nice to watch. Really quite large individual chunks of snow drifting down. When I was finished skyping, I sat and just did internet things for hours. Couchsurfing, working stuff out, ummm… I don’t know. But it took me a long time. I was waiting to get in touch with a girl who wasn’t able to host me but was able to meet up for a birthday drink. But I figured I was having the same problems as I was with Kat in Copenhagen and she wasn’t able to receive my text messages. It wasn’t until about 6 that she got in contact with me (after I sent emails) and she said to meet at the circus bar at 11:30. 11:30!!! These people do things late here! I didn’t care, it meant I wouldn’t be stuck in this hostel all night after spending the day there. That was a deliberate choice, to spend the day there. I thought I would be going out with Klarissa (the Couchsurfer) earlier. Anyway, I sent a message back saying I would be there (not that she got it). I wasn’t feeling very tired but I was feeling excited. I hung around for many hours and left the hostel at about 10:30. The walk didn’t take quite as long as I thought it would. The hostel sits up on a hill and thanks to the snow earlier, the ground was quite damp. The snow that had been compressed had turned to ice so I actually got to slide down the hill instead of walk. Made it more like skiing and also got down faster. I got some junk food dinner on the way in (forgot to mention, finished leftovers of potato bake for lunch. Just as good as the night before) and found the place easy.

I stood out the front from about 11:10 looking at all the people walking in and out. I never saw Klarissa. Or anyone that looked like Klarissa from her photos on Couchsurfing. I asked the bouncer at about 11:45 if he had seen any Germans enter and he said no. He let me in (lucky he didn’t ask for ID, I didn’t have my passport on me. Sometimes it is all they accept from foreigners) and I had a look around, to see if I could see anyone that looked like her. I got myself a beer and continued looking. I finished that beer and got a second. By the time I had finished that one, I decided to ask the people that looked even remotely like her. I asked about 5 people and none of them knew a Klarissa. It was about 12:30 and I had given up hope of finding her. She had probably given up because I wasn’t messaging her. As I started walking out, I heard someone speaking English with an American accent. I thought, eh, what the hell. What have I got to lose. I started talking to this Canadian girl (oops) and a Norwegian guy. They were actually their with a bunch of other foreigners including a Kiwi. They didn’t want to introduce me to the Kiwi in case we started fighting. Anyway, once I had met the whole group which consisted of…ok all numbers I am giving here are approximates. It makes it so hard to tell where some people are from because they speak such good English that they either have am American accent (they learn there English by living in the states or just watching TV and movies) or they have a general European accent… consisted of a Canadian, 2 Norwegians, an Austrian, Swedish, the Kiwi…and some more. I don’t even remember. I actually spent a fair bit of time with the Kiwi guy (William) because he was right into his cricket. His knowledge was supreme. And he had a good sense of humour. Each time someone else would come over to talk to us, they would get bored in seconds and walk away. If they didn’t we would give them attention until they left and we could continue on about cricket. Was great fun.

The drinking continued. People in the group were buying me drinks only because I had told them what I was doing (heading further north) and thought I needed all the money I could get. They were out for one of the groups birthdays (one of the Norwegian guys) so I didn’t mention it was my birthday until way later, not wanting to seem like I was trying to force anything. Anyway, we drank until the place closed at 2:30. From there, we walked to one of the guys houses to do more drinking. Apparently this is a ‘thing’ in Norway. Not the first time I have heard of it. They have a name for it in Norwegian but I can’t remember what it was. We had to walk up a hill in the same direction as my hostel and this was quite interesting. Still very slippery and now drunk as well. Still, didn’t stack it at all. At this guys house, we had pancakes (interesting choice) and drank some more beer and wine and others had whisky. We all just sat around laughing and joking for hours. At 5:30, a taxi had come to pick up William and someone else (I don’t know which one) and they offered me a lift as well. An offer I could not refuse. We jumped in and They dropped me off. It was only 5 minutes but still worth it. William also paid for my share of the ride on the same basis as what the others were buying me drinks on. I had found out earlier that they weren’t actually students but full time workers, some engineers in oil companies and stuff like that. So smart people with lots of money. They weren’t students with not even enough money for them to have a drink. When I got back to the hostel, needless to say, I crashed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.


2 thoughts on “Trondheim day 1 (My B’Day)

  1. Great to hear you had such a fabulous birthday night Jacob….it will certainly be one you will look back on with great memories!!!
    Stay safe and take care xx

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