Östersund to Trondheim

I had to get up super early so I could catch the train to Trondheim. I got up at 5:30. I had a shower and the breakfast. I successfully set of the smoke alarm when I didn’t look after my toast so naturally I kind of woke people up a little. Sorry guys… Johanna was going to get up to see me to the train station anyway but it was more the house mate I was worried about. We got to the station and we waited until other people were getting on the train until I got on and we said out goodbyes. I found my seat and got comfortable. It was only about 4 hours. I slept for some of the journey and the rest of it I think I did some blog but I was also looking out the window, especially as we got back into Norway. I actually missed the stop which is funny as it was the last stop. They didn’t announce anything in English and I didn’t recognise the name Trondheim in Norwegian, there was no other passengers on the train (normally when you get to a major place, there is a huge flood of people that get off) and I didn’t see a sign. So I stayed on and as the train pulled away, the ticket collector found me and asked where I was going and when I told him he said we were just there. He came back 5 minutes later after talking to the driver and they were only going one stop further and then turning around again so it really didn’t matter in the end.

When I arrived in Trondheim (again), I had a slight problem. It was 11:30 and I didn’t have any accommodation confirmed. I had sent out Couchsurfing requests but out of the 8 I sent out, 3 got back to me saying they were unable to and 5 just didn’t respond at all. This might get a little intense, just as a warning. Ok, so I do understand that I am asking to stay in people’s houses and it is completely up to them if they let me in or not and I understand that. They have to live their lives as well and if they didn’t like the request I sent them or they simply don’t like my profile, then that is fine, don’t host me. But tell me dammit! It makes my life f@#$ing hard when people simply don’t reply. Because there was so many that had not yet replied, I thought I was still in with a chance that someone might jump on and accept me. With the way that the site works, it comes up on your profile when and where your last login was. The idea being that people can see how frequently you use the site and know where you actually are. The idea is nice but what happens is whenever someone sends a request, and email or does anything on the site, the website will send an email to your private email account. This means you can read the request, ignore it if you are not available or you didn’t like the email attached to the request, not log into Couchsurfing and keep your perfect 100% reply rate without having to spend the few extra minutes it takes to log in and make something up about your grandmother that lives out of town died and you have to go to the funeral. Because of all of these people’s laziness, I was left in the dark. Not knowing if I was going to need to go to the hostel or if I would actually get a place to stay. I sat in a cafe with Wifi for 3 hours and also joined the “emergency couch request” group and waited for a reply and got nothing. I decided I should just go off the tourist info and find out what my options were.

That was the next challenge. I didn’t have a map but I had seen a cathedral spire and they are almost always accompanied by a tourist info booth of some sort. I found it (wasn’t next to the cathedral but on the way) and the only hostel that was open was the only one that I had found as well. I walked to it, up a large hill, and checked myself in. for the 2 nights, it cost me around 70Euro. I aim for 20 a night and usually beat it (when I’m not in Scandinavia) so this made me cry a little on the inside. They charged me, I think, 8Euro to hire bed linen and didn’t even give me a towel. Included should be a massage with a happy ending for that price. I made my bed with my linen made out of pure, white gold and headed straight out again. It was pretty much dark by this point, around 4pm, and so all I did was walked around the centre. Mostly it was just shopping areas but they had Christmas lights and a fair buzz. I found a place to go shopping for food and got a bunch of ingredients and went back to the hostel.

I started cooking as soon as I got back. Inspired by the effort me and Raul put into the potato bake we had at the Mexican night, I wanted to give it another shot to see if I could do it better. I seriously made it super fat. There the same amount of bacon as potato (nearly), onion and about 300grams of salted butter and when it was finished, I stirred through about 200grams of cheese. The whole thing took about 2 hours to make. I started the potatoes on the stove, boiling, and then prepared everything else. Fried the bacon and when that was done, through it all together and into the oven. Checking it every 15 minutes or so and it worked a charm. When I had finished eating, I went straight to bed. It had actually been a really long day even though it didn’t seem like it. It kind of felt like two different days somehow


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