Stockholm to Östersund

Got up at about 8:30. Raul had to go to school so we said our goodbyes and he was off. I had shower breakfast and all that good jazz before heading off to the main train station. Man was that train station a mission. I am just thinking about how difficult it was there. Good thing I happened to arrive half an hour before my train. Firstly, I found my platform which was somewhere completely different to the rest of the national trains. I then had to find the ticket place which was nowhere near the area where my platform was and then purchase a ticket. I tried to use the machine and not only was it slower than the evolution of humans, but it wouldn’t accept my card, claiming it couldn’t read it. At least human evolution has led us to be able to read credit cards… I went to a person and they were able to sort me out in seconds including a nice piece of paper that I could look at my transfers and use as scrap later on. I got on my train when it arrived and kind of slept for a while on and off. When I arrived, I was greeted by my host holding a sign of someone surfing a couch on a wave. Very cleaver… It was already dark by the time I had arrived. The train had taken about 6 hours so the sun was gone by 4.

We walked back to her place (her being Johanna) and chatted away. When we arrived, I put my stuff down and we sat and ate home made cookies and drank tea for over an hour. Her housemate came in at one point but to take the dog for a walk. That’s right, they had a dog. It was a stupid mutt but it was good seeing a dog again. It was wary of me at first but after I gave it a good pat I couldn’t make it go away (in a good way). At about 6 I’m guessing, we got ready to brave the cold. This meant putting on coats and shows and for me plastic bags on my feet to make at least my socks water proof..wait.. Side note, there was snow. The first snow that I had seen this trip that actually stuck to the ground without melting. I was pretty happy and I sent a gloatful message to Raul telling him all about it. Side story over. So we went out and had 3 of Johannas friends waiting for us. There was (ok, memory test. I spent a bit of time with most of these people) Marian (French), Teresa (the Greek) and a Swedish girl (I never really got her name). We were heading to a friend of theirs house for dinner.

We had to walk about half an hour with an additional stopover for supplies before getting to her house. Anna was a German girl that had just got back from an overseas holiday (back to Germany maybe) and was the first time she had seen some of her friends. She was making home made pizza. She had made the pizza base from scratch and the toppings were fresh. She had put the first one in not that much longer before we had arrived so we only had to wait 5 minutes and it was ready. It was damn tasty. We had 4 pizzas in total between 6 of us. Anna could only cook 1 at a time but that only meant that we had them nicely spaced out. I realised during pizza number 2 that I hadn’t really said much and that the conversation didn’t really involve me as much as usual. After thinking on it for just a few seconds, I realised I was at my first ever girls night. This brought a smile to my face upon realisation. It wasn’t as if I wasn’t enjoying myself. They were all good company, I just found every now and then they would start talking and I felt like I shouldn’t be in the room, that’s all.

We were there for several hours. We were all really full and didn’t fancy the walk home. At about midnight, we pulled ourselves up and stumbled out. I put on my plastic bags and my shoes and left. We walked back and when we arrived home, went to bed


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