Stockholm day 3

I woke up and had breakfast with Raul before he had to go off to class. I had a shower before heading out myself. There wasn’t really anything I wanted to see in particular other than the old town which apparently had some really good markets. I walked to the metro stop and jumped on a train (I forgot to bring my apple iPhone with me dammit) and got off in the old town area. I didn’t take the map out and try and work out where I was but just walked in a direction that looked appealing. I found the markets and was a little underwhelmed. The girl who had recommended them to me made it sound like they were fantastic but they just weren’t really. Maybe they would be better at night. I like christmas markets at night. If it’s busy, you get a fantastic atmosphere. I did buy some almonds coated in sugar which is supposed to be a Swedish Christmas thing I think. From there I walked around a lot. I know, not very interesting but there was a fair few people on the streets (It’s Tuesday (I think) people! Don’t you have work or something?) so that made it interesting.

I guess I walked around munching on my nuts (!#$^&*^$! how rude) for an hour or so. The almonds were so dam tasty. They cook them in sugar syrup which is what gives them the amazing flavour or sugar. The problem was, once I finished the bag, I was feeling sick but they were so moorish that I nearly bought a second. About the same time I finished the bag, I decided to leave the old town island. Stockholm is made up of like 13 different islands and the old town was built on one of these. I walked across a bridge to a different island that Raul had recommended going to because you get a good view over much of the city. I wasn’t looking at the map but I could see a spot that likely gave a view so I walked over to it. It was a bit of a mission as it was up on a hill which didn’t have many ways up. Eventually I made it and yeah, the view was good. You could look over the old town, their Museum island and the canals/rivers that flowed between the islands. I stayed up there for a bit before coming down and deciding what to do next. Again, Raul suggested taking a public transport ferry around to all the stops as you got a different perspective of the city than usual. I looked around for a ferry stop and the next one wasn’t coming for like 45 minutes. Not worth it… Bye boats, cya later. I’m walkin’

I went back through the old town and out the other side where Raul had taken me briefly the day I arrived. It was mainly a shopping area but I thought I would walk around anyway. I walked all the way up one of the streets which was fair distance before realising I was actually hungry. As in really hungry. Not just for sugar almonds so I started searching for something to eat. I found a kebab place and went in and ordered a….. WHAT? No chicken? What kind of a kebab place has no chicken? It’s like a pizza place with no toppings, what is the point? I walked out in disgust. After walking around for a while more, I decided to get a hot dog. That was a bad choice as well. I was talking to the guy and he reckoned he had been to Australia and he liked it. I got my hot dog and took a bite, and then a second before looking at it and realising it was still a bit pink in the middle. I went back to the guy, feeling kind of bad, tried to ask him if this was normal to have a hot dog that still had a bit of colour. He misunderstood what I wanted, thinking that I didn’t want a boiled one but one that was done on the grill. I said yes, just so I got a different one. This one was better though. Less chance of dying. Keyword being less.

While walking with my dawg, I went to the metro station. I was pretty bored of walking by this point and it was starting to get dark. I went back to Rauls and jumped on the computer to do a bit of couch searching for a couple of hours before Raul himself got back. We had planned on watching the second part of the Millennium series and having Mexican dinner either before or after. Turns out the movie was actually the next night so we just did Mexican dinner. Raul and I went to the shops and picked some stuff up for dinner before going back and starting. We had the English girl (Lucy (now I am getting names right!)), German girl (Ina) and two others that I had not met before (so no chance at names). They were from France and Spain I think. They didn’t talk very much at all. We had mince cooked with beans, chicken cooked with some Mexican packet spice, home made guacamole with tomato and onion and potato bake (not so Mexican but Raul loves potato and we kind of made it up as we went. Was all so delicious and we were sooo full by the end. We sat around for ages chatting away before the others had to go (something about having to study in the morning for exams). Me, Raul and Lucy stayed for a bit longer watching YouTube videos until we were tired enough to sleep.


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