Stockholm day 2

I got up at a pretty reasonable time of about 10:30. Raul was just waking up. Turns out his night didn’t go to plan as they didn’t get to the club they were aiming for before they started charging stupid amounts of money for entrance fee. Something like 15Euro. We got up and headed out pretty much straight away. No shower or breakfast. We were going to play indoor soccer 🙂 I had not done any sport since squash with Julien in Hyeres and before that it was over a month when I was back in Australia nor had I played soccer in years and I was going to be playing against South Americans. Anyway, we took a metro to a place where we were able to play for free. It was in a private school where one of the guys knows someone so we get to play. When we arrived, there was 2 other guys, one Brazilian and a guy from Argentina. We kind of mucked around for a bit while we waited for some more people and this included playing with some kids that was using the other side of the court. After a while, they left (to tired after we made them run around in circles chasing the ball) and we just played a two on two. Me and Raul did really well. We actually won. I was pretty stoked with that performance. Then 2 more guys arrived. They looked pretty damn good and, again, were for some South American countries. We played a 3 on 3 with a goalie that cold leave the box. I did really well considering. I scored a couple of goals, set up a couple more, made some saves and did a bit of defence. We ended up winning that game as well. It ended up pretty close but we still won. I should turn pro.

Raul suddenly realised the time and we had to bolt as we were meeting someone at his place who was never late and we were definitely going to be late. The person we were meeting was his mentor. Each international student gets allocated a mentor that shows them around and gets them in touch with Swedish life and helps them settle in and find friends. We were actually really lucky and ran into her on the metro going to Rauls place, so that doesn’t count as being late. When we were up in Rauls apartment, his mentor (I don’t remember her name. I met a lot of people while staying in Stockholm) pulled out some Glogg which is a red wine drink with different spices in it and is heated up before serving. We also got some cinnamon biscuits and some little roll things. The wine was ok. I had seen it before in Christmas markets and stuff but never tried it before. It was really good when you dunked the biscuit into it ate it. That was really tasty. We ate around chatting for ages. Wait, we were with someone else as well I think. So there was 4 of us and yea, we just sat around talking until about 4. We had sat there for about 3 hours! Really great people. Even if I don’t remember their names or if they were even there in the first place.

When they left, Raul and I decided to go off and do some shopping after stuffing around for a while. We decided we were hungry so we started cooking dinner which was chicken with veggies and soy sauce and rice. I don’t normally like soy sauce very much but I enjoyed this meal so that is always good. After dinner, we watched a movie which was Tomorrow When the War Began. I had read the Tomorrow When the War Began and the rest of the series when I was in school and really enjoyed it and they had brought out the first movie only last year, or the beginning of this year, and I kind of wanted to see it even though it was never going to be as good as the books. They never are. It was actually pretty close to the book so that made me happy. It was kind of made worse by the usual things blowing up when they really shouldn’t (I was sitting there and I would say quietly, but loud enough for Raul to hear “please don’t blow up please don’t blow up please don… AHHH dammit) and a horribly corney final scene but otherwise I enjoyed it and Raul said he liked it as well. He thought the acting was average and all that but he liked the story enough to consider reading the books.

After the movie, it was only 8:00 (even though it felt way later because the sun goes down so early) and Raul checked facebook to find heaps of people saying it was snowing. We looked out the window and couldn’t see anything but people assured us it was so we through our shoes on and the first jacket we could find and ran down the stairs, outside. When we got outside, we went out to the parking lot where there was a lamppost where we could see the snow falling. There was the Mexican and the Australian getting all excited about the snow falling like little children. We went back in all excited. Raul got requests from a bunch of people to go for a walk so we met up with 2 Germans, a Brit, and a couple of others that I can’t remember where they were from (damn falling behind. I always do this and then I miss out on details that I like to point out.). We went down to a lake that is really popular, especially (oh oh oh, one was French. The guy Raul went out with the night before) during summer. It was bitterly cold. I had rugged up as much as I could but and bit of exposed body was punished by the brutally cold winds. I was trying to take photos and my hands were rigid by the time I managed to get my gloves back on. These people were really great though. Apparently, they hang out all the time together and they are some of the nicest people you could want. Often in groups like this they will just talk between themselves but each one took a turn at asking me where I was from and what I was doing here. And they seemed genuinely interested. I think they are all interested in the couchsurfers that come through so yea, was good for me.

When we got back to Rauls (it was just us two again), we had been talking to the others about an event that was happening in the uni which was watching the second movie in the Millennium series (Girl with the dragon tattoo) but both me and Raul had not seen the first so we decided right then was a good time to watch it. It was 11:30 and it went for about 3 hours. I had no expectations for it. I had no idea what it was about or anything. Did you know it is completely in Swedish? That the book was written in Sweden and the film made in Sweden without translation to English? Well I didn’t. We watched it with subtitles. It was a much heavier movie than I was expecting but I really enjoyed it. Now I wanted to watch the second. I guess that’s the point right? When it had finished, I was stuffed. We both just went to bed.


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