Stockholm day 1

Previously on Jacob Jaunt.

Jacob heads is in Gothenburg when upon hearing of certain gaming festival that is taking place near his current location, he gets in contact with his sources in as and and organises a hit and run on the event. The plan runs smoothly and he is confronted with gaming at a whole differently level of possibilities but things turn sour when he nearly doesn’t make his deadline of getting back to his meeting point due to time within the ‘people with ticket only’ zone moves without restriction compared to the outside world…

Sorry about that. It sounded much better in my head.

Anyway, I was on the bus and heading for Stockholm. I was sleeping on and off. Not the best sleep ever but I am better at sleeping in buses thanks to the last trip where I pretty much perfected it. I arrived in Stockholm at about 6am. I wanted to find out where Rauls (my next host) house was and get some breakfast. There wasn’t much open that would have wifi so I ended up at maccas. I stayed for a while. I didn’t want to arrive to early as I hadn’t told Raul what time I would actually arrive. I think I got to his about 9:30. He had only been up long enough to cook himself some breakfast so good timing on my part I think. We sat around for a bit, chatting while he had breakfast and then I had a shower which I desperately wanted by that time. He said that his only plans for the day was to go to his improvisation groups flash mob that they were doing at 2.

After my shower, we headed out to the centre of town where we walked around to some of the main things in the area. Basically it was just so I could orientate myself and he gave me ideas on what to do. We then headed off to where the improv group was congregating. I didn’t know this before hand but a flash mob is a group of people who do strange things in public like huge coordinated dances in squares like they do in the movies. There was about 10 of us and we weren’t doing anything so elaborate. All we needed was an apple and some headphones. Our first idea was to plug our headphones into the apples and use them as mobile phones. Our first ‘target’ was the Apple store just near where we were. Basically, we walked in quite staggered and slowly pulled out our apples for people to see. Some were using them as phones to their ears, some used them as hands-free, some took photos with them, some tried plugging them into the chargers. I was using mine to play music. I was walking around kind of bobbing my head and singing to myself. I would then stop next to some people looking at some kind of Apple product (the first case was two guys looking at an iPad) and select the next song which happened to be one that I particularly liked. I would start singing a little louder only enough to get them to notice me and then pull out the apple and put it on the counter and turn the volume on it up. As I had raised the volume, I needed to sing louder to hear myself over it. I got some looks 🙂 We all kind of left slowly to make it look as though we were not together.

We would meet up again outside and have a good laugh about it. We then went on the metro to where there was another Apple store. I did the same singing to myself again but this time I had one of the guys with me sitting across from me and we were surrounded by people. My problem was that this guy started to laugh. I guess he couldn’t believe I was doing it. He was trying not to and he covered his mouth to make it not so obvious but it still made me slip for a second. When we arrived at our stop, there was an escalator that wasn’t working so the first person that got on it just treated it as if it was working. This was the true improvisation part. The next person that got on did the same without saying anything. I didn’t even know what was going on. They just made it up on the spot. Basically we filled up the whole thing (It wasn’t that big) and we stood there waiting for it to start. A couple of people started complaining that it wasn’t working and that this always happens to them. They needed to be somewhere and if the escalator didn’t start soon, they would be late. The looks we got from people entering the station was priceless. They simply had no idea what was going on. I think a few of them smirked a bit which was good. I think that is what I liked about what we were doing. We were having a great time but it wasn’t at the expense of others. We weren’t offending anyone, we weren’t picking on anyone and just having fun. When we somehow got off the escalator (people just moved into the left lane and walked up) we went into a different Apple store. There we did our usual thing of looking like absolute tools. Actually one of the staff members asked one of the other guys why we were putting earphones into apples and the response was “well, isn’t that what your supposed to do?” We stayed there for about 10 minutes. I pulled the same singing to myself after calling my girlfriend and talking loudly about how was away for the week and we got very mooshy (no you hang up first, no you hang up first, ect).

When we left, we walked to a different electronics store just nearby (while using the apples, taking photos, asking each other how it works, calling people loudly and whatever else you do on a phone). This store was quite large and we all spread out. We spent about 15 minutes or more in there. I was talking loudly on the phone asking my brother what movie he wanted me to bring back home before telling him to simply download it. We left only when a security guard started following a few of our members. When we got out, we went back to the metro and decided to do a contagious laugh. How we had to do it so people didn’t think we were together, was to take two different trains. Some of the group take the first one and get off on the next stop. Then the rest of us take the next one and we all sit close to each other but don’t know each other. Just  as the train left (that we were all on) one of the girls started laughing to herself. It slowly got out of control and the rest of us slowly joined in, laughing more at her I guess, before we all started laughing uncontrollably and it did bring some people down with us. We got everyone in our carriage at least smirking and some quite openly smiling. Apparently, the Swedish are very shy so this was a pretty good effort.

When we got off the train, The others needed to go. It was about 4 so getting dark. We all went our separate ways. Raul and I went back to his place via the shops where we picked up some food. We made my home-made pizzas with some elk salami we had bought earlier that day in a market. They were a fair bit of a success. After dinner, we walked over to one of Rauls friends places and had a drink or two there. I left to go home at about 10:30 as those guys were about to go out on the town. I was just way too stuffed to do anything. It had been a long and eventful couple of days.


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