Gothenburg day 2

Ooooh shit… I’m falling behind again. I am only just leaving Stockholm and I am writing this. Damn having too much fun in Stockholm so I didn’t actually do anything…

Anyway, The day started as usual and I wanted to get out and about in good time to use the daylight. I wanted to hire a bike and ride around for a while was the plan. I had seen the advertisements in the hostel for a really cheap city bikes that were all over the place but the map they provided was pretty bad (for the locations of these city bikes) so I decided to look it up myself. I found the site and found that they bring the bikes in for storage over winter…. Well that killed my plan for the day completely. I left a little deflated. I wanted to ride places! I didn’t really have anything I wanted to see in particular so that’s why a bike would have been good. I could just cruise around and see things and stop if I wanted. It is exactly the same as walking except faster. I decided to go to a large park that was right next to the hostel, pretty much, and walk through it. I was told that it was nice and then to go onto the Botanical Gardens which again were supposed to be really nice. I don’t why I thought the Botanical gardens was a good idea but I did at the time.

The large park however was very cool. It was quite open with lakes and ponds as well some people playing sports everywhere. I also found a maze made of hedges. I love mazes but they never live up to my expectations. This one came up to my waste. But it was still a huge challenge because it had rained heavily during the night and the ground was slippery and with puddles everywhere. I managed to make it to the middle without slipping over once. Pro. I then walked around the park itself, started climbing a hill with the thought that I might get a view of the city from above. Instead I found a free zoo. The first thing I found was a seal enclosure and then I found some deer and then some moose. I have never seen a moose before unless it is in a bowl with ice cream and sprinkles on top at Sizzlers. They are actually quite large animals. About the same size as a horse. I don’t know what I was expecting but it was still pretty cool. I continued on and found what seamed to be the water-bird enclosure. Less interesting. And that as about all for the zoo. They had other areas but I think they were only open/had animals in them during summer.

I walked back down the hill (no view) and reorientated myself (side note – I just finished the last of those awesome suck lollies. I am really going to miss those…) SO that I could go to the Botanical garden. When I arrived, I was already tired from walking around. I went in for about 10 minutes before hating it. It wasn’t natural nor was it interesting. I did see a squirrel though.

From the garden, I made my way back to the centre of the city. I decided I needed to see something before leaving this place. I was aiming for an old wooden boat that they have tied up in the harbour. I never found it. I walked around the area a fair bit. I found a small hill/mound that I could climb and look over the city but it wasn’t the best view ever. I then got completely lost in the windy twists and turns of the streets and the pretty much useless map I was provided with. It was detailed enough and zoomed out to far. Couldn’t see a thing. I did find the water and walked the length of where it should have been but I guess it must have sunk because I could not find it. I ended up walking back to the hostel as it was starting to get dark. I had planned on going to a Couchsurfing meeting that was being hosted in the city later that night so I wanted to use a bit of internet and pack my stuff up before going.

When I did get back, I did less internet and more talking to some American girls and an Israeli guy. It was Thanks Giving so the girls were cooking a large meal including a roast small turkey (chicken). After sitting around with them for a while, I had to go. I arrived at the cafe that it was being held at on time except it wasn’t on time. Let me explain. The whole thing was supposed to be a board games night that started at 17:30 so I arrived at 7:30 forgetting that 17:30 is actually 5:30. In my defence, it makes far more sense to start at 7:30. There was about 15 people in total playing several different games and no one was really friendly enough to say “hey how are you. Sit down, we are in the middle of a game but you can play next, ect, ect , ect” and that kind of struck me as strange. I felt that the guys that were hosting it were going to be playing board games anyway and they just put it up on Couchsurfing just to see if anyone worthy of them would turn up. All the games were the complicated games that takes several run throughs to work out how to play properly and nothing like Yatzee or cards or monopoly or chess or battleships or any of those other simple, classic games that everyone can enjoy.

Doesn’t matter, I managed to strike it lucky and found some people who had just finished what they were playing and were about to start something else. There was 3 of us, an Indian girl and a Argentinian guy and we were all being showed how to play Settlers the board game. It was really fun in the end. Once we learnt how to play it was easy. And the 3 of us got on really well. The game went for over two hours and even though I was trying to fight mainly against the Indian girl who seemed to be winner most of the time, it was the guy that won it. Come from behind victory. When we finished, I decided to go. I had an early bus the next day.


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