Copenhagen to Gothenburg

I got up at 8:00 so I had heaps of time to get ready. I had a shower and breakfast of baguette. I packed all my stuff up. I kind of took my time, especially when I found the key to the bike lock. Finding this meant I could catch a different bus which left more regularly and was cheaper by just enough so that I could actually pay for it. I had cleaned myself out of cash as much as I could before leaving so I didn’t really have much left. I waited around for a while and then left a few minutes later than what I wanted. It was hard leaving. I had enjoyed the company of Kat and Jenya (maybe that’s how its spelt?), in particular, so much that I didn’t want to leave. Alas, I got on my bike. Literally. This ride was one of the hardest bike rides of my life. I had my big pack on my back and my small pack on the front and I was trying to go fast so I could catch the bus. It only took about 10 minutes but my gawd it was tough. And the crap part was I missed it by only 1 minute. I had to park the bike in a spot that Evus (the Latvian guy I borrowed the bike off. Again, not sure I have spelt it right or was saying it correctly at any point) could pick it up from easy as it was at the front of his school. I got the parking spot just as the bus pulled up but wasn’t able to catch it before it left. This meant I only had to wait 11 minutes for the next one but that was 11 minutes I didn’t have. I got on the next one and sprinted from the stop into the station but I only had 2 minutes to get my ticket and get on the platform. This did not happen… It was just more annoying than anything. If I had left the boat just 5 minutes earlier, I would have made it but instead I had to wait for an hour at the train station for the next one which will get me in later and closer to sundown.

When I arrived in Gothenburg, it took me a little while to figure it out. The first thing I did was got a map that conveniently had the tram map as well. Next I wanted to find a spot to set my computer down and work out what tram I needed to take. I sat down at a Burger King and got myself a burger. The idea behind this was to solve two different problems. The first one was the want to eat so I could think clearly again. My food bag had run dry of food other than a not so nice baguette and uncooked pasta. The other thing it solved was my need of change for the ticket on the tram. Anyway, I worked out where I needed to go and left, feeling confident. That was quickly dented when I came out and found that none of the trams I wanted to catch left from the stop I was at. Annoying… I asked around a bit and it simply turns out that the stop I wanted was on the other side of the station.

I did actually find it and jumped on. Even though I had the change, the machine on the tram wasn’t working so I just didn’t buy one. Maybe took a bit of a chance with that but it paid off. From there It was easy. The tram stopped where I needed it to and I found the street I wanted easy. I checked in and went into my room. Then had to go back and get my sheets as she (the she at reception) hadn’t given me any. Cost me about 7Euro to hire them for my stay. Ok, going on a little rant for a second. If you don’t want to hear about it, skip down to the next paragraph. It wont take long. All the hostels up here in Scandinavia so far have charged me for bedlinen. The one night I spent in a hostel in Copenhagen charged me a little less because I had a sleeping bag but other than that it always full price. I specifically bought the sleeping bag to try and avoid all of these charges (and help with couchsurfing). I don’t understand why they can’t build it into the price like every other place in the world. And not letting people use sleeping bags? You think it is more hygienic letting people bring their own sheets that they use in every hostel they go to? I guess you could argue it is about protecting the mattress better but it doesn’t help stop the flow of beg bugs. I personally have never had a problem but I know people who have (Ellis had about 150 something bites when I met her). I am already paying a lot to be in these hostels in Scandinavia, I don’t want to have to fork out even more so you can wash the sheets. Especially as I could claim when I arrived that I had sheets and just not use them at all. Rant over.

When I had set up my bed, I used a bit of internet and then went shopping for dinner. They had a pretty good store nearby so I got some supplies from there and came back and cooked. I was feeling a little creative and I had some spaghetti so I made a summer styled pasta dish. Bought some chicken, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic toothpaste stuff and cooked it. Worked out fine except I put the spaghetti on too late so by the time I got to eat it, the chicken was more useful as a seal in a bathroom than to eat but still good. I will be trying it again tomorrow night. I like cooking because kitchens are great places to meet people. I talked to an Argentinian lady and some Brits. When I was in Bergen, I cooked but I cooked everything I had at the same time which meant I just had to reheat for the next 3 days. As easy as this was, I didn’t really get to spend much time in the kitchen.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the night on the computer organising couchsurfing and doing other stuff. I am not sure what I did for that whole time but I ended up going to bed around 1:00.


2 thoughts on “Copenhagen to Gothenburg

  1. Ivars => the latvian guy
    and Evgenia, or just Jane for my Russian roommate 😉

    Sorry I didn’t manage to get up to say a proper goodbye. I hope you enjoyed your stay. And good job for the key!

    I’m not surprised you struggled to find your way. But as you said you like getting lost, I guess you had a lot of fun :p

    I hope you’ll find some hosts as nice as me in Stockholm hehe. Good luck in Sweden

    • The kind of muffled grunt through the door was a reasonable goodbye considering I sent Jenia off to wake you 😉
      But I really did have a great time. Didn’t exactly run around doing as much as I could have if I was a normal tourist but I was happy with hanging around and being relaxed.
      Good luck with your studies and if you come to Perth, look me up.

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