Copenhagen day 7

Again, slow start to the day. Kat had to go off to work and I didn’t really have any plans for that day. I decided to go to a cemetery that looked pretty big on the map. I had lost the key to the bike lock that I had borrowed so I couldn’t ride. Instead I took the bus into the centre (stopping once to look for the key where we had parked our bikes on Saturday night). From the station, I walked to the cemetery using my memory as I successfully left my map on the boat and didn’t realise until I was past the tourist info. Damn I am awesome at this whole travelling business. Anyway, I got there just fine. It helped that it was very close to the hostel that I had stayed at the first night. Walking through this area just made me think I had gone back to a different city. Because I arrived and then packed up and left in just one night, I didn’t get to see much of the city so I never got a chance to associate the city with that hostel. I am now staying on the other side of the city and hadn’t gone back to that area so I guess in my head, they are two completely different places. There is the hostel city and the Kat city. None of that probably makes sense to anybody but it does to me. All up here (points to head). Thinking about it a bit more, I guess it just gives more credit to the idea that the place that you stay has an effect on your experience of the city you are staying in. I have always thought that your accommodation had an effect but after….’experiencing’ the feeling of being in a different city even because of the place I had stayed just proves it for me. It is a hard concept to get across I think nor is it very interesting. I should have put a warning at the beginning. Sorry for sending you to sleep.

This is not Hans Christian Andersons grave. I just liked it.

Back on track now. When I arrived at the cemetery, I went in and the first thing I found was signs pointing to the grave of Hans Christian Anderson. I didn’t know that he was buried there (although Kat swears she told me and to be honest, it does sound familiar) nor did I really care but I did follow the signs just to see what kind of plot he would get. It was ok I guess. If there were no signs, it probably wouldn’t have even caught my eye in particular. I walked away and continued to wander around. It was a really nice cemetery. You could see how all the grounds were well maintained including most of the grave sites themselves.

Ok, little tangent. I am trying to write on a train and it is really bad quality in places so I am going to just write and not delete anything that is the trains fault. Just for a little while. I think it will be interesting.

So yes, as the cemetery wa so large, I was able to walk through slowly without coming across many peope at all plus when I got only a coyple of hundred metres into the misddle, I copuld hear nothing of the noises of cars feom outside. That has got to be one of my most favourite things about cemeteries, the peacefulness of them. I am able to walk around (for free) in a nice quite area looking at really old things without being bothered. Its like walking around old town but without the people. I enjoy both of thiose past time just as much as each other. Old town and cemeteries. Some people might do cathedrals and museums and some might do bars and clubs and some will do beaches and restaurants while I do old town and cemeteries. I don’t see anytjing wronf with that at all. Just pulling into a station so the writing should be so bad now. For a little whiole at least. Still a little rocky.

Ok, I will stop that now. I will fix mistakes now. Unless I miss them which probably happens a lot I think. Back to the story. I walked around for I think it was about an hour. I walked from one end to the other, winding my way through the maze of grave stones. I then started walking back. I came across another nice park area thing with a lake in the middle. No, wait, before that I was trying to head for the nice markets we had gone to the other day. I think it was Saturday and they were so full of people that I wanted to come back and see it without the people around. Actually get a chance to see some of the produce they have and not just the backs of people. I mean, some people have nice backs and I am not trying to take anything away from them but I wasn’t actually there to see backs but instead was there to see quality goods. I actually found it even though I didn’t have a map and it seemed quieter than Saturday as I approached it which made me happy. What made me less happy was that the reason it wasn’t as busy is because only about 5 shops were actually open. Turns out it’s closed on Mondays… From there, last time we there, we went past a park right next to the markets that looked nice from the outside so I went into it this time. It was a nice park with a lake in the middle but I was getting a little bored and tired from walking for several hours by this point so it didn’t interest me that much.

When I left this park, as I didn’t have my map I wasn’t really sure what to do. Well, I actually wanted to go somewhere else but I couldn’t remember if I needed to turn left or right. I turned right and it turns out that was not really the correct choice. Well, it headed me back to the city centre but that is not what I wanted. Didn’t matter as I notice that time was getting on. It was close to 4 which is pretty past the latest you can go and do something new before it gets dark. I started heading back to the boat and got some dinner on the way. I picked up some eggs and baguette. When I got back, I made omelette with chicken that was pretty much deep fried in butter. At about 7:30, I headed out again. As it was Monday night, the couchsurfing meeting was on again. I took the bike taking the chance that no one would take it when I parked it. I wouldn’t have done anything with that bike that I wouldn’t have done with one that was my own. I managed to survive the scary ride by myself on the wrong side of the road (And the huge amount of pain the seat put on my crutch. The owner of the bike is a really, tall, lanky guy so he has the seat up high and you need a tool to change the hight of the seat) and parked the bike in a place that I thought it wouldn’t look too conspicuous. Considering this was a yellow bike, that was going to be hard.

When I went in, there was only 3 others so far. Two of which were people that were the last to leave with me last week. They were all shocked to see me because I had been saying the week before that I would only be staying in Copenhagen for 3 or 4 days. We sat around talking and more and more people arrived. It ended up with about as many people as the week before which was good. A couple of things went not so good. Firstly, I had to confess to Kat that I had lost the key to the bike and had brought the bike with me. She had left for work before I had discovered the missing key. And then only about 15 minutes later I knocked her beer hand so she got a little wet. Sorry nice host lady.

We ended up leaving at about 10:30. I was having a good time but I wanted to up earlyish in the morning and wanted to make it as easy as possible plus Kat was leaving so made sense. Meant I could follow her which decreases chance of getting lost, exponentially. And I wanted to spend time with my host… Yes… That’s what it was… (I know she is reading this. Better make it nice)

When we got back, Kat needed to use a bit of internet was in my living room. I fell asleep before she had finished. Same deal as the night before. Alcohol was wearing off so I hit the wall. Plus with a bike ride in between knocked me out.


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