Copenhagen day 6

This is going to be such an easy day to write about. Got up easy and sat around until Kat got up. I was just on my computer trying to organise some couchsurfing for Stockholm. Even when Kat did get up, we didn’t really do anything. I didn’t leave the boat for the whole day. It was so damn relaxing. Kat was just sitting there working on whatever it is she does while I did my own thing. We were listening to music (she has some similar taste in music as me so we did a huge swap and I over doubled my 1334 songs to a very modest 3920 that I have now.) At some point we had some lunch which wasn’t really lunch but just a snack before dinner. We finished off the beers that we had left over from the day before (which was actually a few) and ate dinner about 11. No it really was about that late. We were waiting for Jena (She is the Russian girl that we were hanging out with a lot. I have no idea if that is how it is spelt or if I was even saying her name right.) to make dinner. She had offered to do it as she brought some stuff back from her work. We didn’t exactly want to push her but then 9:30 came and we started dropping subtle hints that we were getting hungry. Things like “woah this beer is going to my head on an empty stomach”. That was me. Kat was more like “So, are you ready for dinner yet?”. A far more direct approach but those two are like sisters so she can get away with it 🙂

When we finished, I pretty much hit a wall. After all the alcohol that had actually hit me hard  not that long ago was starting to ware off and I was coming down once I had finished eating. As this was such a nothing day in terms of writing, I will put in photos of the boat. Home for a week that was a bit of a struggle to leave.


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