Copenhagen day 5

My day started like any day should, and that rule that I seem to be applying for most of my days on the boat and that rule is to get up late and hang around for ages not doing anything of importance. This day was no exception. I think I left the boat around middayish. Long story short, I met up with Kat a bit later and she had a bike for me to borrow. It was actually one of the guys that lived on the boat who was going away for a couple of weeks. Anyway, we met up and we decided as we were so close to the Christianshavn tower which was another one of those INSANELY cool towers that Copenhagen has. That’s right people, insanely in capitals. The tower is pretty much exactly the same as my watch. It is mostly black with parts of it in gold and you can see how there is a swirl of stairs going all the way to the top. Ok, my watch doesn’t have stairs but other than that they are the same. We decided we would walk up it. We paid our student discount entrance fees (thanks tafe card with no expiry on the front) and started walking up. The whole inside was made out of wood and metal and had 43 bells in it. Well that’s what the sign said at least. All I know was that it was pretty tight and there was a fair few people going up and down which made it slow. When we got outside, the view was pretty good. I was actually a little surprised that we were even allowed outside. Normally with things like stairs going to the very top of a building, they put them there and then say they aren’t safe enough to let anybody up. It happens way to often but these Danes are better than that. They let us climb to pretty much the highest peak of the city because that’s what it was designed to do.

The view from the top top…top was really good. There was a bit of fog around but as I tell everyone what reminds me that the weather is “not so good today” that I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to travel in Europe over winter. There was a bit mist around but it wasn’t so bad and at least there was no wind or rain. I could still see all I wanted. Everyone just looked like ants. I could see Christiania and pusher street and all of the sexy spires that Copenhagen has to offer. When we got our fill, we went back down and into the church that the spire is at the base of. They had a huge pipe organ that would have been about 2 stories high that really looked very impressive. When we left, we walked off to….. wait…i am past walking now. When we left, we RODE to a different area of town that was a bit further out. It was getting towards the pricey end but Kat had suggested a cool market that they had there. She had something else to do but I went into the market and had a great time looking at all the different produce that had been brought in. The highlight was definitely a coffee that I purchased. It was no more expensive than a coffee in Perth and probably the best one I have had this trip. They had a bunch of different wines and meats and cheeses (not that I care about cheese really) and a fish monger that had one of those deep sea fish that has the light coming off the top of its head. So cool.

And people are scared of sharks…

When we left there, we started to head over to the little mermaid statue that is very famous in Copenhagen. In between the mermaid and us was the Copenhagen fort so we stopped there and had a look around. We had to park our bikes so we walked along the top of the fort really taking our time. Made our way to the little mermaid and were as disappointed as all the others that have every seen it. Actually, that’s not true. Firstly, the statue is there to dedicate Hans Christian Anderson and The Little Mermaid is one of his most famous stories and everyone I had talked to had said it was the second biggest disappointment in Europe because it was so small. To be honest, because I was fed all that negative ideas about it, I was happy to see it was bigger than what I expected. I was imagining something not that much bigger than the Mona Lisa but it was actually life size. We took our happy snaps and went back to the fort. Actually, forgot to mention, Kat was far more excited about the fact that you could see the boat from where we were. The boat actually look a lot bigger from this angle than what it felt like and I have to agree, it was about as impressive as the statue.

When we went back up to the fort, we walked the rest of the way around, taking a fair bit of time to do it. Really taking a leisurely pace with it. We walked down to a church that turned out to be closed which and then back over to the bikes. By the time we got to them, it was starting to get dark. We rode to the shops and got some provisions (beer) and went back to the boat where we drank some of those beers. The plan for that evening was to go to Christiania to have dinner and then have a bit of a night out in one of the bars. We found a place we had liked the look of when we were walking around the other day. We went in and took a seat at a table someone else was sitting at because that is how it is done. We then had to go up and order our food from the guy at the counter. Our choices were A or B. A was a pasta bake thing that Kat got. I ordered the other think which was rice served with a beetroot sauce and steamed veggies. The whole point of the restaurants in Christiania is that they are all organic and you could really tell. The place itself was small and cosy. The guys working were just two guys with dreadlocks that knew how to cook and clean and the effect on the quality of the food really showed. It tasted really good. Was very simple food but done well. Can’t beat that. And it only cost the equivalent of 10euro which happens to be pretty much the same price as a Maccas meal.

When we left, we met up with another girl that lives on the boat and her sister and two more of her friends. We had been talking to them and we all wanted to go out. When we actually met up with them, Caroline (who lives on the boat) had heard of a party that was happening within Christiania so we decided to find it. Took us ages. We looked for it and then asked some people and then asked some of the pushers (people who sell the weed). We eventually found it and went up to it. They didn’t have any free booze so we had to leave and find some at a place outside Christiania. We came back and sat down. From there it was shit. I’m not going to try and pretend. The guy hosting the party introduced himself to us and later on I couldn’t help but feel that he only hosted it so he could get laid. There were a few bimbos there and he ended up with one and his mates got the others. It did not help one bit that Caroline’s friends just didn’t talk at all. I know they could speak English because they were Danish but the guys didn’t even introduce themselves at all. While we were sitting down, Caroline’s sister spent the whole time on her phone. At least pretend to have fun. This kind of annoyed me a bit and thinking about it now, it is annoying me a lot. Would have had more fun if we had just stayed at the boat and drank there. Caroline wanted us to have fun and she wanted to have a big night herself and was encouraging us to stay but wasn’t exactly pushing her sister/friends into having a better time. Whatever, it was a Saturday night. There is a reason I was happy working Saturday nights in Perth.

Kat and I left before the others and biked home. When we got back, we sat around and had another beer with our Russian boatmate before going to bed


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