Copenhagen Day 4

I had to wake myself up for the embassy except I just could not be bothered getting up at all. Got up 40 minutes after what I set my alarm for. I had some breakfast and then tried to have a shower. The water never turned hot. It stayed icy. What was this place? A hostel? I just left without a shower which saved time but also meant I didn’t feel 100% awake. I took metro and train to the German Embassy and found it about 9:30. I walked in and a very helpful security guard checked EVERYTHING I had on me. Not only did he use his metal detector but he opened and searched every compartment of my backpack. It is not as if I was offended or anything. If anything I felt damn safe. Trust the efficient Germans, I have always said it and I will continue to say it.

When I got in, I was helped straight away by a nice lady. The point of my trip was to find out how to apply for a German working holiday visa when not in Australia. The first thing the very helpful German lady said was “It can’t be done. You should have organised it before you left Australia”. Not a good start but I swear it got better. She asked me why I wanted it now and I told her plans had changed and she went away and had a look at the rules. She doesn’t normally have to deal with people from outside of the EU who with their passports can work anywhere in Europe without a visa. When she looked up the rules she was surprised to find that, yes, I could apply and then continued to give me heaps of really good info whenever I asked a question. Probably my best ever encounter with an embassy so I was really happy.

When I left, I went back to the main train station. From there I caught a train to Sweden. Now Sweden is a big place and there are many cities but I only went to one city as you might imagine. The city I went to is only 35 minutes away from Copenhagen and it is called Malmo. I had no idea what there was to see in Malmo but I had heard lots of people say good stuff about it so I thought if it was good enough for them then it was good enough for me. I started by walking from the train station (I’m in Malmo now. Keep up.) in a direction. That’s right. A direction. That direction was towards where most of the tourist signs were pointing. I didn’t know what they all meant but I just walked. I found a large square with a cool looking building to one side and a fountain in the middle and a large statue as well. I got some lunch because I was hungry and I walked further in A direction and found some more things. Look I really don’t know what I did exactly when or what I even saw and was looking at. I honestly didn’t even care. I just walked and looked and things and people. Lucky me found a cemetery which I was able to wander through. It was a little different in how it was set out. There was a lot of room between each of the different grave sites so I guessed that it was probably only rich people that got buried there. Also, the atmosphere was killed a little because at no point could you get complete silence from the traffic around you.

I walked through and came out the other side where I could see some gardens of some sort. Something I had noticed about the people here was they just didn’t come across as awesome as the Danes. The Danish will always wait at the red man while these guys walked whenever. That’s not to say that I don’t normally do it when I am anywhere else in the world but I guess I kind of got used to it. I don’t jaywalk in Denmark because the locals don’t. In Malmo, they didn’t ride nearly as many bikes either which again, just something I had grown accustomed to.

Anyway, I crossed the road and went into these gardens which looked quite important. I found a large building that I think said something about casino on it but only thought about it was that it was in my way. I walked around it and followed a river through the gardens. As like it was in Aarhus, I just enjoyed the autumn colours and the lack of people. Actually, I really didn’t come across many people. The first ones I remember were some workmen that were doing some cleaning. As I was about to take a nice photo, they got out there leaf blowers and made lots of noise and killed my photo. I also saw the two people walking around several times. It was a guy and a girl and the guy had a coffee while the girl didn’t and he was always the one talking, loudly and passionately while, at least to me, she looked like she didn’t really want to be there. Each time I saw them, I had a little chuckle to myself.

I think I walked around for…I don’t know. Maybe a couple of hours. Give or take another couple. I didn’t have anything in mind to aim for so I just kept going. When I was done, I walked back to the train station, looking at stuff as I went, and got on the next train (which I got with less than 30 seconds until it left). When I got back to Copenhagen, I stopped at the grocery store and bought some more stuff (chocolate) before heading back to the boat. When I arrived, I kind of just sat around with some people and had some dinner (frozen meatballs with pasta and tomato sauce 🙂 ) and I think we sat around for ages. No near death experiences from anyone and because of this, and maybe my early start/long day had something to do with it, I went to bed before everyone else.


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