Copenhagen day 3

I got up and lazed around for a while. This place is comfy. It’s going to be the end of me. I guess I left the boat at about 11:30 and headed for the tourist office. I was going to go to the German Embassy but I didn’t trust google maps to tell me where it was exactly. When I arrived at the office, which was open this time ūüôā , the lady didn’t know anymore than I but when she looked up the address she was able to tell me without google maps. Made me happier. Turns out it was the same place so google maps does work a little. Problem was that they are open between 9:00 and 12:00 so I had missed it for that day. I decided then to just start walking around.

On the bus to the centre, I had seen some things that I wanted to go back and have a look at which I hadn’t noticed before. I just walked towards them, stopping and changing directions whenever I pleased and eventually I made it to the place I wanted to look at. Ended up being the old stock exchange of Copenhagen which is a very cool looking building from the outside. It is a large red brick building with the roof being made out of copper which¬†over time turns that green colour. Sitting on top of the building is a spire that is incredibly¬†interesting. From a distance, it looks like it kind of twists up to the top but as you get closer you see at the base that the ‘twist’ is 4 dragons, wrapped around each other finishing at the top. I have found that the spires, in particular, are different here. Often not just a large, pointy thing plopped on top to make it bigger but they actually have a bit of thought put into them to make them just a little different. Often they are squares going up to a dome (made of copper therefore green) and finished with a small spire on top. I just like that it is different from other European countries style of architecture. I mean, ever country has its own ‘thing’ but these guys seemed to branch out a little more from what the others were doing.

I walked around for actually quite a while. There were plenty of old buildings in the area and I did get lost at one point. Only because I walked further than I thought and that is the story I am sticking to. At one point I got held up because a bridge over the river was being raised to let a boat through. That was cool, I have never seen that happen before. I also went to what I think was where the old fort was and is now the houses of parliament. I am not really sure, nor do I care what it was for, it just looked important and impressive so I walked over to it. Eventually, I went to the National Museum of Denmark. I had read that this was more about history so I got a little excited. It was free admission and I was surprised¬†at how big the place was. It was about 4 stories high. I decided to skip…. well basically everything before the 1600’s. I thought that was a good spot to start in history. You know, the same century Australia was first discovered. It was all pretty good. It was the first amount of Scandinavian history that I had been able to soak up so I learnt a fair bit about what was happening and the importance of the countries (Denmark) compared to the rest of Europe.

The museum went all the way through to modern times and I had a great time looking at everything. I spent I think about two hours looking around in total. When I left, it might have been about 3 I guess. I don’t think I actually looked at the time. All I know is that I was starting to get a little hungry and darkness was creeping in. I started walking back up to the train station where I could catch a bus back to the boat. I walked via the pedestrian street which I am not sure if I have mentioned yet. Apparently, according to my ‘rather-be-anywhere-else’ your guide, it was the first ever pedestrianized¬†street in Europe and the longest also in Europe. Or maybe the world for one of those. Well I walked it. I walked it from the top and I walked it good. I walked it and got some chinese takeaway that I had been craving and I walked it with that food in my hand and I nearly walked it over to a bin so that I could through away that chinese food as it really just nearly walked it over me. That really didn’t make much sense¬†except in my head. But I really did have some chinese takeaway that was not very nice.

I got to the train station and caught the bus to the supermarket where I picked up some stuff and went back to the boat. When i¬†arrived, we where all sitting around drinking tea (that is the thing they do on the boat) and sat around chatting. just as we were about to start cooking dinner, Captain Lars¬†decided he wanted to install electricity monitor to the boat. This meant fitting some wires around the main power cables leading in and out of the boat. He did this without turning the power off. Unsurprisingly, he nearly killed himself. He pulled one of the wires a little to hard and it jumped out of the spot it was attached to , ached and caught fire. He burnt through several layers of skin on one of his fingers¬†plus we¬†had a small small small fire started and the power went out. It took Cap several hours to get power back on and he refused medical treatment in the meantime. “What an idiot” is all I can say.

After the power came back on, we started cooking our dinner which was going to be a carrot and coconut soup. The carrots seemed to take ages to cook and we didn’t actually eat until about 10 thanks to all of that stuff that went wrong. It was quite tasty however, and well worth the wait. After we finished, pretty much went straight to bed.


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