Copenhagen Day 1

Argh. The alarm went off… 8:00 is when I chose to get up so I had plenty of time to have breakfast/pack up/shower. I firstly went to have a shower but the water wasn’t really very warm so I decided to bail on that idea and eat breakfast instead, hoping that by the time I finished breakfast, there would be a bit of heat in the water again. It was pretty average breakfast especially because I had to pay for it. I didn’t eat enough, again thinking I would come back later after my shower. I cleaned my area and went back to the bathrooms. Shower was good. Until I lathered myself up and someone else got into the one next to me and stole ALL of the heat. And not just to make it kind of bearable, but it was icy cold. As if the pipes ran directly from outside.

So basically after having to be revived by the hostel staff because I nearly died of hypothermia, I packed up the last thing or two and headed out. I walked back to the train station where I deposited my luggage. I then headed to the town hall as there was a free walking that I wanted to go on. The group was a bit bigger than what I expected for that time of year, about 25 I would say, and it didn’t take long to spot about half the group were Aussies. Why were there so many there? Go home people, it’s cold!

The tour took about 4 hours in total. Copenhagen doesn’t really have anything that I could say and everyone will recognise but what I can say was the tour guide lady was pretty crap to be honest. She was from Norway so spoke pretty good English but it was as if she just didn’t really care. Didn’t really put any energy into the presentation and you could tell that she was only following what she was taught, word for word. Still, I got the hard facts which is the main reason I do these tours so that was good. We did go through the Royal Palace where Mary and Freddy were home as denoted by the flag raised above the part of the palace that they live it. I went up to their door to ask if they had a spare couch, or bed. You know, get into the couchsurfing spirit. Fred answered and called Mary down (cos we speak the same language. Would make it a little easier.) and I asked her if they had anywhere I could sleep. She said she was really sorry but they were already full. They can host 28 people at the same time and they had 32 so they were already over full. She said if I had come the week before, I would have been guaranteed a spot but just not right then. I thanked her, and Freddy and caught up with the rest of the tour.

When the tour finished, I walked back to the train station and picked up my bags. I had sent several messages to Kat, a French girl I had met the night before who offered me a couch on a house boat, but she had bot yet got back to me. I was in a bit of a pickle, as it was getting late (around 4 when the sun is pretty much down) and I had not yet got in contact with my couch and my phone was running low on battery so I didn’t want to risk calling. I stopped at a cafe that had wifi (coincidently, the same cafe chain that I stopped at when trying to find Anders in Aarhus) but she had not got in contact with me over that. I then struck gold by finding a power point.

Fred and Marys house

I plugged in my phone and called and she answered. The night before, she had shown me where she lived on a map and the direction in which the bus takes. Going on that and the bus number she told me, (ignoring her vital words of “take it to the last stop”) I jumped on the bus and got off where I thought was the right place. I then had to call her and tell her that I had arrived. This obviously shocked her when I told her the stop I was at and she told me to get back on and take it to the end. I got back on the next one and asked someone, just to be sure, that I was going the right direction. They told me yes, and that I had to get off and walk in a particular direction for a bit and then I would need to turn right and left and left and do a backflip over an elephant and I would have reached my destination. I followed these instructions as closely as I could. Basically got half way and found someone to ask if I was still going in the right direction. This person said I needed to go back the way I came and get on to a bus and stay on it until the end. Oh the bitter, disappointed feeling that followed was heart wrenching. I had had my phone off to conserve energy and when I turned it back on, I had a message from Kat basically wanting to know where I was and that she couldn’t reach me and thought my phone must have run out of battery. I called her back and had to confess the truth. I found my way back to the right spot, missed a bus by about 3 minutes and had to wait 35 for the next one. Eventually got to the right place where Kat met up with me and she took me to the boat. I apologised as much as I could but I still felt pretty dumb. Just had to follow simple instructions…

When we did get there, we sat around with a Latvian guy that lived on the boat as well for a while. Others also came and went but I remember who exactly. Relaxing end to what really was a bad day, come to think about it.


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