Aarhus to Copenhagen

As is the way of life in this place, I got up at a pretty easy time. I had some breakfast and showered and waited for Anders to get up. Casper had left early in the morning so I said my farewell to him the night before. I did kind of want to leave, just because I had a several hour train ahead of me with no accommodation booked but I had to say goodbye to my host. By the time he was up and I left, it was about midday. I took a bus to the train station and missed the first train because I wanted a hotdog before getting on. I was so close. I was on the platform just as it shut its doors and pulled away. The hotdog did taste pretty good and the fact that I missed my train didn’t really matter because they have them every half hour so I just waited. The trip was somewhat uneventful. Denmark is famous for being flat. No mountains at all. In fact, I think the tallest hill is about 250m. And no forests either. They chopped them all down in the Viking era to make boats.

When I arrived in Copenhagen, it was 4:15 so getting dark. It took me a while to orientate myself and find the tourist info. I needed a map as I did have a hostel, in mind, to stay at but it wasn’t in the limits of the Shoestring map. When I eventually found the tourist info, it was shut. They did have some maps that I could reach and lucky enough, my hostel was marked on it. It was a bit of a walk and after asking a few people on the way if I was heading in the right direction, I got there. They had availability in the cheapest room and everything. I booked for only one night as soon, after I had some dinner, I would be heading out to a Couchsurfing “meeting” that I was told about. I don’t think I have mentioned this guy yet but I did have accommodation lined up for Copenhagen but he had to pull out as I arrived in Aarhus because his brother broke up with his girlfriend and needed a place to stay. So I am not THAT disorganised. The only reason I didn’t book anything is because I was hoping some of the people I had contacted but hadn’t replied, would reply.

I waited around until it was late enough to have dinner and I found a pizza place nearby which wasn’t all that bad for the price. I then got ready and went out. Basically, the walk was going to take about 20 minutes (as a guess) so I left with 5 minutes before it started. It was suggested to me to take a particular route but somehow I just missed it completely and ended up going a longer way. Then when I was on the right route, I took an early turn and ended up somewhere else I didn’t want to be. Funnily enough, when I rediscovered where I was, it was exactly where I needed to be. Who needs a map anyway?

The place I was aiming for was a bar called Compass Bar. My favourite kind of meetings are the ones in bars. Thanks to my…”love of sightseeing”, I got there at more like 8. There would have been about 15 people there already. I got myself a beer and sat down. The first people that I met was a Japanese girl and a woman from Copenhagen that was writing a, article for her journalism degree on Couchsurfing. I met lots of people over the night. Basically, You sat around and talked to people in a small group and then after a while, someone else would join the group and someone would leave or I would leave to get a drink and start talking to some others. I kind of had the plan that I would find someone to couchsurf with for the next few nights. Where better to find someone than at a couchsurfing meeting? I had so much fun. One of the best things about travelling for me is meeting people and this was just one, huge, meeting people party.

I was the last to leave with, a couple of others, not too long after 1:00. We all left together and split up when we got to the metro. I walked home from there, talking the exact same route as I did to get there which might not make sense as it was the long way but because of the way my brain “works”, I didn’t need to look at the map once. When I arrived back, I was pretty tired. I think I got into bed at 2:00. Success. Oh, by the way, I did get a place to stay. On a house boat. I think that will feature in the next post.


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