Bergen to Stavanger

I had to get up at 6:00 (Well chose to really. I could have got up later but I do like to give myself a bit of time) so that I had time to get to the ferry terminal. I showered and went to get breakfast from the kitchen but it was closed… Until 7 apparently. Lucky for me I had built in a bit of time to check emails and so I waited until 7. Not long after I sat down (in fact, my comp hadn’t even started up yet) some guy came in and said he would be able to get in. He walked out again and came back a few mins later with a key and opened it. I don’t actually think it was the real key but he just use a random key. I didn’t stay baffled for very long as I really didn’t care how he had got in, all I cared about was that he had.

I had my coffee and kiwi fruit (saw them in the shops and got a craving for them) and then put the last few things together before heading out. It wasn’t hard to find the right terminal. It was written on my map and there was a few people there already. I got there about 40 minutes early and just waited I guess. I think I read Shoestring. Reading up about Denmark. After a while, a heap of the people in the waiting room started moving so I followed. I got my ticket that I had to print off out and tried to hand it to the guy at the plank onto the ferry so he could scan it with the thing he was hold. Instead he spoke Norwegian at me. I responded in the best way that I could. “ahhh sorry I only speak English” and then he told me I had to say my name and where I was going into the ‘scanner’. I did this and then he let me on. I don’t really know what that was all about and I definitely made a bit deal out of such a small event. Sorry….

Anyway, the boat eventually left and we started heading out. The sun was still only just making it up by this point. Most of the sky was cloud except for right on the horizon where I could see some very bright colours. It was 8:00 when the boat left. You can use the sun Norway, you don’t have to hide it all the time. Skin cancer isn’t as deadly as say.. heart cancer. Wait, that was stupid. Is there even such a thing as ‘heart cancer’? Why does the heart not get cancer? Or does it just get classified as a heart malfunction or something. Whatever… I am wondering off a lot today. It could have something to do with the day I had. Which I am writing about now so with a little patience you find out.

I was trying to look out the window as much as I could. I was told this was a really scenic trip and nearly did it as a day trip. Basically it followed the coast the whole way and the coast is just made up of lots of scattered islands that are made of rocks. I am pretty sure that they the runoff of the fjords, where the glaciers dumped everything they had removed. It meant a huge oceanic field of rocks. Sometimes with buildings on them. I’m pretty sure there are better places to build your house but if you want to build on a rocky outcrop, I’m not going to stop you. This coastline continued on for the whole trip and only once did the actual ocean have any effect on the swell as there were real islands a bit further out. However, when it did get a bit wavy, I was a little worried about how my stomach would hold up. Luckily I had eaten a sandwich so I had a full enough tummy. If all I had was a kiwi fruit, I would have been stuffed. Bring it on ferry to Denmark :/

The trip took 4 and a half hours, getting me in at 12:30. I had been looking for accommodation the night before and didn’t really have much luck with cheap. I had borrowed a guide book, that was only Norway, off a Scottish guy and email one place from that hoping they would have some availability. When I arrived, I found the tourist info and they told me where I could use internet which was the library for free. I went off there and looked at my emails. I had received an email back from that place and they were booked out. And I had no idea what the other cheap places were. My normal sources turned up nothing so I went to searching for hotels in general. Two hours later, I had found nothing that was cheap and in town. My last option was to go back to the tourist info and ask if they could find anything. They usually charge a booking fee as well. (I did consider asking all the people in the cafe next to the library if they knew any cheap accommodation with the hope one might ask if I wanted to stay with them)

I actually managed to have a little bit of luck. The lady said they don’t really do bookings for people but a B&B had called up that morning saying they had a few beds free and that I should try it. I was very grateful and even if they couldn’t accommodate me then I would ask them if they knew anywhere and so on. It was about 2:30 when I left the cafe so I still had plenty of time. Luckier still, they had room. I was so thankful. Not only was there a bed but being a B&B I get breakfast the next morning and waffles at 9:00 that night! What a little gem. The gem did cost me a steep 90 Euro (!!!!!) but considering the cheapest option was 81Euro and ’15minutes’ (by Formula 1 car I bet) outside of town with no breakfast, this was a bargain.

I put all my stuff in my room and being in a much better mood, headed out again to simply wander. I had walked through some of the old town on the way to the tourist info but, as the lady at the B&B pointed out to me, that was actually the new old town and there is actually an even older old town. I basically walked around the larger, new old town for about 2 hours. I was just so happy that I had somewhere to sleep that I was content with that I just kept going. At some point, I got hungry so I stopped at a bakery where I ended up with something that I wasn’t really sure what it was. I had asked the girl and she said she couldn’t explain it in English so asked her friend who was just trying to translate the words in her head before I said I would just take it anyway) Turns out it is a kind of specialty of Western Norway. It’s like a cinnamon roll but with a kind of…custard icing on top. I don’t know what it was but it was pretty tasty.

After a long while, I went back to the B&B. I will just point out quickly (I think this will be my last side step from the story) that even though I had only travelled a sort distance, there was a noticeable difference in the twilight length. I thought about it for a while and I figure that the sun must go below the horizon at the same time but the twilight period is longer the further north you go, and considerably longer.

I wrote and organised accommodation until WAFFLES were ready. Delicious waffles. Ever since I found out about them, I have been craving waffles. I even planned my day around it. mmhhhmmm. Good night for now.

Part 2: Returning for the WAFFLES…

WAFFLES were great. Tasty with some cream and jam on them. Totally worth it. I did feel kind of Asian taking a photo of them though


2 thoughts on “Bergen to Stavanger

  1. Great stories Jacob. I agree with your thoughts about twilight and sunset etc etc. i.e. Same sunset time but longer twilight. Although thinking about it, it gets to a point where the sun does or doesn’t rise above the horizon right at the top and the bottom of the earth, so perhaps the sunset time does change too…. Some more research is in order I think.

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