Bergen day 3

I had set my alarm the night before. I was uncertain if I wanted to check out and go somewhere else, or if I wanted to stay another night. I got up and had some breakfast (Thanks person that I accidentally stole cornflakes off but that should teach you to label your food that you leave around the kitchen) and showered before racing out to the tourist info place. The hostel is actually pretty good and has a 12:00 check out so I had a bit of time to go and talk to them make up my mind.

When I arrived, there was a different lady at the desk to the one of the previous day which was disappointing as she was incredibly helpful. I was trying to work out how easy it was to get to Denmark. If I could take a direct ferry or catch a bus to a different town and catch a ferry from there or if there was any other options. I had to run over to the ferry terminal to find out about the direct ferries and that was a waste of time because the next one leaved in a week and cost 300Euro. No thanks. I went back to the hostel, and sifted through my options and after much debating with myself I decided to stay an extra night. This way I could organise it a bit better and there was a thing or two that I was happy to see in Bergen. After much number crunching, I settled on taking a ferry to Stavanger which is supposed to be a scenic boat anyway, and then a bus down the Kristiansand. Then the day after I will be able to catch a ferry down to Denmark. It will only take 3 hours or so which is much better than the 20 hour one from Bergen.

By the time I had worked all of that out, I couldn’t even be bothered leaving. I looked at some accommodation and eventually got off my ass and outside. By the time I left, it was about 1:30. I headed for a museum that I was interested in seeing but was closed on Monday. I got a little side tracked as I stopped to look at a nice cathedral that I stumbled on. I continued to walk, then realised I didn’t know where the museum was anymore. In fact, I struggled to work out where I was. I whipped out the map and realised the museum was near the cathedral I was just at… So I walked back, couldn’t find it as it was part of the university campus (which was not a very attractive campus at all. Just large, grey buildings) and by the time I got to it, it was after 2 and it closed at 3. I didn’t really want to pay to go in when I couldn’t actually be there for very long. I decided to wander back to the hostel area, keeping an eye out for somewhere to buy some food for the trip the next day.

I did find a shop, just the normal one near the hostel that didn’t really have anything that was perfect for what I wanted. I did buy some fruit and chocolate before coming back to the hostel. I did some washing (I didn’t really need to but thought “why not while I have the time”) and sat on the computer..actually I helped some guy who had a major problem. He was so utterly sick of the music on his iPod that he wanted me to erase it and put some of my music on. he made his own playlist of 10 songs (I have over 1300 and he picked 10) and I synced it, deleting every song he had. He was overjoyed. I couldn’t help but be baffled. How could someone get to the state that they hate their own taste in music that they want it all gone and replaced by stuff you don’t even like that much. Travelling affects people heads in different ways I guess.

Basically, I can’t imagine anything else interesting happening before I go to bed so I am just going to finish this here. I know it wasn’t much of a day but I just really didn’t feel like doing much. maybe it’s because I have had a big few days since leaving Nice.


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