Bergen day 2

I had booked this tour thing so I had to be up early. At 7:10 to be exact. I was still pretty tired but I fought my own will to stay in bed and showered. Had breakfast which was cereal (not pasta with mince and sauce) and went to the traino. the ‘tour’ was not so much of a tour rather it was a bunch of bookings on various forms of transport that turned into a loop. The first train took us to Voss. This actually had some relevance to me because this is where the most expensive water that you buy in Perth comes from. I can now say legitimately that I have seen the glaciers that the water is bottled from. From Voss, we took a bus through some mountains and a town, that apparently got down to -40 last winter, to another town that sat right on one of the lakes. Or Fjords. I’m actually still not sure what a fjord is. Is it the valley or the lake or the mountain (or one of the main competitors of holden in Aus?) and can only the ones forged by glaciers be called fjords? Doesn’t matter, I was looking at one, no matter what the name. From here, we jumped on a ferry. The whole time we had been travelling, the fog had been coming on and going off and it started on for the beginning of the ferry ride. I am going to try and let my crappy photos talk for this because, I just can’t describe further than “wow”. I seriously think that Norway is a place people need to visit more often. Make room for it whenever you are in the European continent or adjacent next time.

I tried to spend as much time out on deck as I could but it was bitterly cold. There was no wind but I thought it would have been below 0 and I was a little under equipped. Should have brought that jumper I nearly did bring. And gloves. Gloves would have helped as well. I would still have all my digits if I had brought gloves… Alas, I hope the fishies enjoyed them. With no wind, it made the water perfectly still so perfect reflections. Water falls every couple of hundred metres. Trees that were completely bare and the only other colours was the yellow grass the dark rocks that made the mountains, the blue blue sky and the occasional white of a snow capped mountain. But I think the most amazing thing was the mountains structure, if you will. They were forged by glaciers which just carved straight down through the rocks leaving large pieces scattered next to the lakes edge. Also, we were told when we got on the ferry that the town we got on at was only 55m above sea level and the mountains around us reached up to 1800m above sea level. So not only are these things HUGE but we got the see their full hight. It’s not like we were 1000m above sea and having a look at things just a little taller than us, they were seriously large.

We were on the boat for about an hour and a half. We got off at a town that had nothing in it that was open. Actually that was the case for all our stops. They were just there for tourists during summer. So, we got off and it was a pretty long wait for the train back to Bergen. I did a little bit of writing until it arrived. It was an old train that was supposed to have historical sygnificance of some sort. All I cared about was that it made a lot of squealing and screeching noises which killed the ride a little for me. I just plugged my earphones in and played music really loud to compensate. It was a very nice train ride however. We stopped a few times in scenic look out points including a huge waterfall that was almost within touching distance. I didn’t stay outside too long in the spray. I could see it just fine from the warmth of the train after taking photos.

After that train, we stopped at a town to transfer onto a proper, express train to Bergen that had come from Oslo. I was sat next to an American lady that had been living in Bergen for 30 years. She was really interesting and really good to talk to and she was really interested in my plans for travel and she had plenty of advice for the Scandinavian countries. We spoke non-stop for the rest of the journey. She was teaching English in Bergen and could speak French, Spanish and of course Norwegian. When we arrived back in Bergen, I went back to the hostel and had a portion of my leftovers before sitting down to write. I was getting a little worried about my blog for a day or two there… I have had a very eventful few days which means I have a lot to write about and not much time so was worried I would fall behind again. But I have sacrificed some things I could be doing such as wasting away in front of FB, sleep or cards on the computer (you know, the important things) and put my ass into GEAR. Damn it feels good to catch up again.


One thought on “Bergen day 2

  1. Stunning Photos Jacob……glad you put your A….into gear….haha.

    We really appreciate your efforts on your daily blogs….they are fabulous!!!

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