Bergen day 1

I woke up pretty late. About midday. I had a shower and went talked to the lady at reception about what my options were for seeing the Fjords. I also found out where the tourist info was so that I could book a tour of some sort if I wanted. I went off to the tourist info, leaving the hostel at about 1:00 and wandered into the city centre. I talked to a very helpful lady who spent about 15 mins going through all my options. It was great. I ended up settling on a tour for the next day. She gave me heaps of options for what to do otherwise. I planned on doing just stuff in the city itself for the rest of the afternoon.

This is to show how high the sun gets. I took this photo at 1:30

I started by getting some breakfast and a coffee costing 3 of my toes to purchase, and then started walking to something on the map. I don’t really know what I thought it was, but it was the general direction I was heading. On the way, I stumbled on what I thought was the old town. This was a slightly different old town to what I had seen before as in it was all wood. The buildings, the roofs, the floors, the giant fish sculpture, all in wood. It was pretty cool. They were the classic, tight walkways that you get in old town with lots of cafes and souvenir shops (that weren’t open), just all in wood. I guess they don’t have to worry about it burning down because not even fire can survive in this cold and wet. Ok, it wasn’t that bad. Bergen is supposed to be known for its rain. Apparently, that’s all that ever happens there and I managed to get a sunny day of about 8 degrees. Score!

I then continued to head for an old stone building that looked interesting and it turned out it was part of the fort. I walked around the fort a bit, trying to get into the stone building I could see but there simply was no way. I walked all the way around the outside with no luck. Didn’t matter. Was probably going to cost me 5 of my 7 remaining toes to get in so was probably for the better.

I sat down for a bit, working out what I wanted to do. I wanted to go to a museum but it was closed because it was monday so instead I decided to head over to the aquarium. I really don’t know why I was so intent to do this. I had heard somewhere that it was pretty good but it is an aquarium. Aquariums are not interesting. And it was going to be a long walk. Why did I do that? It must be the cold freezing my brain.

I walked all the way around the harbour and found the aquarium pretty easily. I got in just in time to see the seal show. Two seals doing all their tricks with jumps and playing soccer and waving at the crowd and kissing their…..err…. flappy thing for a hand and blowing kisses to the crowd. The keeper said they were even training one of the seals to tell the difference between the colours and yes, when showed a coloured ball on a piece of board, it jumped up and nosed the right one. I don’t know if there is a certain order he always goes to make it look impressive which would be a let down or if it genuinely knows the colours.

When the show finished, I went inside and the first exhibit was snakes. Yes in an aquarium. They had about 20 different types of snakes in separate glass boxes. Not what i was expecting but pretty cool. The next room was fish. they had lots of different tanks with different climates and ecosystems in them. Some pretty strange looking animals in these ones. The next room had small tanks with specific species in them and in the middle was a big talk that you could walk under/through. This one had some small sharks in it which seemed to just pace up and down. When I left this room, it went up into a room full of spiders. I then went outside to the penguin pool. They were boring. Sleeping and the whole area smelled like fish. Stupid penguins. I, at the time, thought I had seen all that there was to see so I left. I make it sound like I realised that I missed something afterwards. This is not the case. I am pretty sure I saw everything.

I then walked all the way back into the centre and went over to a funicular. It was about 4:30 when I got there so it was about half way through twilight. I got a one way ticket in the hope I would find a way down the hill by walking. When I got to the top, I was faced with a stunning sight. I hadn’t been looking out while we were going up. I like to have a bit of a surprise rather than slowly be shown everything. The view was breath taking. The sun had gone down about 10 minutes beforehand and the colours of the sky of the light cloud was spectacular. A bright, vibrant orange that reflected off the harbour and surrounding water to make the whole region bright orange. I stayed for about half an hour just watching the colours change ever so slowly to darker shades of orange.

At one point, a guy asked me to take a photo of him and a couple of his friends. I did it and then he asked where I was from. Basically I started talking to them. There was one from Norway, one from Kenya and one from Uganda. The Kenyan and Ugandan were over in Norway on a cultural exchange program run by a Christian society. It was really interesting what they were doing. The idea is that they live in a country for several months, their stay being 10 months, and they make reports on how/why Norway is better than their own countries, write about it a bit, go back to their countries and talk about it and hopefully make some changes to the way of life in a positive way. Sounds like a lot of fun to me at least. Turns out they were going to be walking down the hill so I asked if I could join them which they agreed to. It was good fun talking about the differences in our countries as we walked down. About half way I stopped to talk more photos of the sunset which was still going. The colour had changed to such a deep orange it could easily be described as blood orange. It was just stunning. We continued to walk down and they lead me basically right to my hostel.

When we had gone our separate ways, I dropped off some stuff and went back out to do some food shopping. I hate cooking for just myself. I don’t really like frozen pizza and not a huge fan of those microwave meals which is easy for one person but on the flip side, buying mince, sauce and pasta is too much for one person. I like to buy veggies to mix in with it as well. Some carrot, capsicum, onion, zucchini sometimes and basically whatever looks good. I can’t even think of all the stuff I put in. But if I do put all that stuff in, its enough for 4 huge/5 decent portions. And eating out is just way to expensive. I settled on just mince, pasta and sauce and have it for dinner for several nights.

When I got back to the hostel, I started to cook. It was pretty frustrating (and my mother will remind me of this when I get home) because the kitchen was a mess. No one seemed to clean up at all. Just left there dishes in the sink. And I know that no one was going to be coming back for them later because there was about 20 mugs on the bench. I’m not joking either. There would not have been that many people in the hostel. I have a feeling that there are people living here. Anyway, I cooked my meal for the 12th infantry division and wrote/read before going to bed.


One thought on “Bergen day 1

  1. Never been interested in Norway…..but becoming interested very fast. Photos are spectacular…..any place that can make my legs look as long as yours do in that photo is well worth a visit….haha. Have fun Jacob.

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