Nice day 4

Considering the night before, I slept really quite well. Normally I don’t sleep at all when I have been drinking but I did pretty well. I got up before the others. The other people in our room had closed the window which is a big no-no because the room gets so damn stuffy and humid with no airflow. Having it open exposes you to all the noise of outside but it is more than an even trade when the other option is to boil in a bath of you and your roommates body temperature and sweat. I had to get out. I was still sleepy but it was so uncomfortable that I wasn’t going to get any sleep and it was making me feel worse.

I sat out in the kitchen with my laptop for… hours. I had a small bowl of dry cereal, just to get something into me, and a bit later I had a banana and coffee. I went through phases of wanting to become friends with a white, porcelain bowl but I managed to avoid it every time and at about 2, I was able to stomach some fried eggs.

In the next couple of hours, I was able to write a little and booked some accommodation, which I wrote about before. At about 4 we left to go and get some lunch and we walked down to the old town which we knew had plenty of options in terms of sandwiches. We scoped out several places (Maybe stuffed around a bit too long. Can’t make up our minds) and I got a baguette with chicken and salad. On the way back to the hostel, we stopped at the shops and bought our dinner/breakfast as well as some food for our various trips we would be making the next day.

When we got back to the hostel, we didn’t really do anything. At about 7, Kath and Greg started preparing the omelette we would be having for dinner. We all cooked our own and they had chorizo and onion in them but I have to say, it was pretty damn tasty. Maybe the perfect meal.

We then went to the room and hung around. I packed my bags, read and then fell asleep. I had an early flight the next morning.


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