Nice day 2 (Cannes)

We all got up slowly again this morning. Nothing seems to be done quickly these days which I’m not exactly complaining about. We had breakfast (cooked again 🙂 ) and headed to the train station at about 11. We had heard there was the G20 being held in Cannes over the next few days so we decided to go and check it out. Well, not so much check it out but if we happened to stubble upon it then we not going to be disappointed.

When we arrived, It was pretty obvious that something was going down. There were cops everywhere. blockades stopping us getting to where we wanted to go which was the beach through the old town. We just decided to walk in one direction until we were able to go around. the only people being let in or out were the ones with special badges that I’m pretty sure were being handed out to residents only. We walked for maybe 20 minutes before getting to spot that looked like we could walk through. Alas, we were stopped and asked for our badge. Obviously we didn’t have one but we asked him how do we get around and he said to continue up the same way for 1.5Km. Well, we decided that it would be 1.5Km to walk back so may as well go forward. We followed it around and yes, the police presence thinned and we were able to turn left, into the old town area.

It was the weirdest feeling ever. There was no one around. Not a single person. It was a ghost town. Zombie Apocalypse. Some kind of weapons training ground. I don’t know. Yes there was a huge security effort and all that but that doesn’t mean that not a single person was allowed to leave their homes!

We walked through this place for a bit, finding a hill that lead up to a ruined fort. When we got up there we got great views over the city and the beach and the casino that we assumed they were holding the talks. We took our photos and watched all the little ants of people walking around until we started heading back down. We could see the beach very easily and it didn’t look like it was that heavily under guard so we walked down the side of the hill, along some windy roads and just kept on going. We reach a huge square that was right next to where all the 10 million dollar yachts were moored and on the other side was a hotel with a lot of American flags hanging off it. We decided to just kinda kept walking. We felt afraid to talk any photos as we really felt like we weren’t supposed to be there even though no one had stopped us. We walked right up to the tent that was entering the casino and they were checking people passes and walked right passed it. We then decided to go off the beach and head back towards the old town.

There was a lot of people in this area. It was crawling with cops and journalists and every now and then we would walk past an embassy shuttle bus” with a country’s flag on it. We joked that we should be wandering around and calling out for Julia just to see if she was around 🙂 . We walked through this area for a decent length of time before deciding to head back to the beach. It took us a while to find a way through but we got there and it wasn’t long before someone came up to us and asked for our badges. We said we didn’t have any. He then asked where we were from and how we got here. We answered Australia (obviously) and in our minds we were thinking “does he mean to Europe or…. Cannes or… this spot we are standing.” We basically answered that we had come from just up there, at the fort. When we first encountered him, he didn’t want to let us through but when he realised we should not be there by any means, he let us past. The exit was only several hundred metres behind him. As we were walking to leave, we sat down on a bench for a moment as we had been doing a lot of walking and was very tired. It wasn’t long before that same guy came back and said we had to move on. We walked up behind the huddle of police guards and just walked straight past them without a question being asked (we definitely got looks) and we just continued on our way.

We found a spot near the beach (in a legal area) and just went over what just happened. It was no much fun. Something you don’t get to do everyday. We sat for a while before getting up and having a look at some of the boats that were moored behind us. We decided that we would go back to Nice at this point so we started to head back for the train station. At one point on our journey, we were walking along in a legal area and 2 cops crossed the road to talk to us. They were like “What are you doing? Where are you from?” and we just answered as truthfully as we could and he let us past. He even told us where the train station was when we asked. I don’t really know what he was going to achieve by asking these questions that we manage to fend off with ease.

The walk back to the train station was a bitch. We followed the signs but it just didn’t work, I think because of the exclusion zone. We couldn’t get past them so we couldn’t see the next signpost. Anyway, we did find it and we got back to Nice after a long wait at the station.

When we got back, we sat in our room for a bit, waiting for a good time to get dinner as we hadn’t had any lunch but didn’t want to eat too early. While we were waiting, an Australian girl entered our room. She was from Melbourne and kinda looked like Nicky Webster. She was very chatty and we started talking. Turns out she is a hard core traveller. She had arrived with her fiance and then she wanted to do a hike in Spain called the Camino Pilgrimage which I had heard of. She said it was life changing and blah but I know because of it she ditch her fiance and started doing her own thing. That’s not really what interested me. What did interest me was that at some point, she had lost her wallet with all her cards in it so she had NO money. She was forced to basically live on the street/couchsurf and hitch hike until she was able to get some money somehow. When she did money, however, she had grown to love the lifestyle so much that she continued. She has been hitchhiking Spain for the last 2 months and loving it. I was just amazed at her courage and although I couldn’t do it myself, I was very impressed.


4 thoughts on “Nice day 2 (Cannes)

  1. haha love the french cops 🙂
    lucky you’re not bl… heu sorry, tanned :-), lucky you don’t have a long beard … or a punk look !!

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