Nice day 1

We all got up very slowly. I was up about an hour before Kath and Greg so I just sat and used internet and ate baguette until they were up. I had bought eggs and ‘bacon’ (smoked ham I think it actually was) so we had a bit of a cook up. They then skyped both of their families as they hadn’t spoken since leaving the Cinque Terre area.

When they had finished, we hit the road. It was a stunning day of weather. Nice and hot (for this time of year) so we just started walking towards the old town. We got to a nice square (actually I recognised this square vividly. It was the square that, last time, I called from to tell my parents I wasn’t coming home for an extra 2 and a half months. So, strong memories of that.

When we arrived at the square, we had about 3 directions to choose from that all looked equally interesting. We chose the one that took us to water. We walked a long way up the beach in one direction, just enjoying the sun before heading right back the same way as we realised it was not the direction of the old town. We eventually made it back and cut into where all the tight streets are. We entered a busy restaurant area and we had a look a most of the places. Kath and Greg were not really that interested in what they had as most were Itanian places with pizza/pasta for more than 10euro which is just rediculous as they had just come from Italy. We did, however, find a French place that had baguettes with chicken and salad in them. While we ate those, we continued to walk around the old town. This old town was a fair bit different. It really had the small, tight streets that you see in the photos. And really colourful buildings as well. When we finished out baguettes, we had some gilato. I had a cactus flavoured one. little bit different but tasty.

We then walked all the way through the old town and decided we wanted a beer. So we headed back to the beach where we had seen lots of places and settled down at one. We sat in the sun and enjoyed the beers for maybe an hour, fending off abnormally couragious and aggressive pigeons in the meantime.

We then headed back towards the hostel, getting food for dinner on the way. When we got back, we cracked our bottle of red and cooked chicken with some veg and an Uncle Bens sauce with rice. Delish.

When we had cleaned up, we all got changed into our best backpacker clothing (which meant I didn’t change a thing) and headed out, back to the oldtown where there were several pubs, including one in particular called ‘Waynes bar’ that had been recommended to us. However, the first one that toom our fancy was an Irish pub. We sat down and had our expensive Guiness’s outside as the temps were quite bearable. After we finished our drinks, we decided to try and find Wayne’s in the hope that it was cheaper. We didn’t actually know where it was exactly. We had only seen it while walking around the old town. Luckily, thanks to Greg’s sense of direction (luck), we found it. We got in, got ourselves a table and got some drinks. It wasn’t long before a band started up. They were Aussies are were actually pretty good. Playing a good range of different styles of songs. During the second song, I looked down to where the band was playing and there was already people on the tables dancing. It was crazy. I would even say a little bit stupid. Didn’t matter though, about 3 beers later, we were down there as well having fun with all the others. We left when the band finished at about 12:30 and walked home. It was a good night. Had some fun


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