Hyeres to Nice

When we got up, the 4 of us had breakfast and then went about doing whatever it was we were going. I was using internet, Virginie and her mother I think were doing some knitting inside and Julien continued to build back the wall around the fireplace. It was not a bad day weather wise again so I spent it out on their verandah. When it was time, we had some lunch and then I had to shoot off pretty fast to get to the train station. Julien and Virginie saw me off. They had been so great with looking after me. I had a really good time, ate really well and I got to do some stuff that I never would have if I was travelling by myself.

The train ride took about 2 hours and when I arrived I found the place I was staying. Actually, I missed because stupid google maps told me it was on the other side of the road and one street further down.. Didn’t really matter, I found it anyway. I dropped my stuff off and went out again to do some food shopping. I would be meeting up with Kath and Greg a bit later and they were coming from the devastated, Cinque Terre area. There had a huge amount of rain and that had caused landslides which apparently wiped out 2 of the 5 towns. Actually, Kath was telling me later that they had already announced that those two towns were not salvageable and so they wouldn’t do anything about it. Crazy stuff.

Anyway, I volunteered to do the shopping for them as they were in the middle of an epic journey to get out. The next day was a public holiday so the shops were packed full of people. The people at the hostel had told me about 2 different supermarkets that were about the same distance away from the hostel. I went to the cheaper one first and it was crap. I got a bunch of the basics there but they didn’t really have any veg so i went back to the hostel, dropped off that shopping and went to the other which was equally, if not more, busy. I did however get all the stuff I wanted there and it was only a little more expensive.

When I got back, I found Kath and Greg in the room. It was great catching up with them. We sat around, talking about what we had done and what we planned on doing. We cooked and ate dinner, meeting some people in the kitchen and then afterwards, shared photos and just hung out. Tonight was Halloween but none of us were in the mood for a drink even though we did get asked to come out. There is plenty of time for that later


5 thoughts on “Hyeres to Nice

  1. hi mate
    the right angle is 33°, don’t ask me why, haven’t found the formula yet, just eventually found the right one …
    The fireplace looks terrific, give me your email address so i can send you a picture.


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