Hyeres day 8

The morning started veerry slowly. Everybody got up about the same time (except for Julien who hit it a little harder than me). I had some breakfast (baguette is back), sat outside for a bit on the balcony, showered at some point, sat around a bit more, ummm….. probably sat some more. It was just a really lazy morning. Not that I felt that bad, just everyone one was the same. Classic sunday afternoon, but in the morning.

Eventually, we had some lunch. It so soooooo delicious. Virginies mum had made it and apparently it is a French favourite (but not THE favourite anymore according to the midday news headlines). It is chicory, wrapped in ham sitting in a cream and white wine sauce, baked with cheese on top and served with rice. We finished it all. And then the cheese came out and I ate until I could eat no longer. The rest of the afternoon was spent the same as the morning. Sitting around, sometimes in the sun on the balcony… I forgot to mention that it was a spectacular day. Blue skies, nice heat in the sun but not burning and little to no breeze. Perfect. So, yeah, sometimes out on the balcony, sometimes inside, sometimes eating a bit, sometimes sleeping and sometimes other stuff. I don’t even know. It wasn’t until 5pm that we left to drive back to Hyeres (the title is a bit misleading I guess). Virginies mother came with us and she was going to spend the night there as well. The trip takes just over an hour so when we got back, Virginie cooked another good meal which was a classic Mediterranean pasta. When we finished, we looked at photos for a while and then went to bed. What a great day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hyeres day 8

  1. Sounds like you had a great time at the party, followed by the best way to spend a Sunday….eating and relaxing. Love it!!

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