Hyeres day 7

We all go up in comfortable time. We went out food shopping before coming back and having lunch. After lunch we drove to Marseille as we were going to be spending the night at Virginies, mothers house. On the way we stopped at a hardware store to pick up some things for out ‘outfits’ as tonight we would be attending a Punk party. We picked up some chains and locks and (at a different store) hairspray.

When we arrived at Mothers place, we got to work putting all our pieces together. Julian was putting gold studs into a belt. He also put those same studs into a bag (actually it was a CD case that he converted into a bag) so that it spelt out “FUCK”. It looked sooo good! I made a bracelet and a collar out of a belt from a car engine and used padlocks to hold it in place. While we were doing a lot of those things, Virginie was sorting through clothing and finding us stuff that we could use. Her mother also started on her hair. As we got closer to the leaving time, I got my hair done and got changed as well. We got all our gear on and posed for photos before heading out. When we arrived at the party, we had our bogan, highest percent alcohol for price beer in hand and entered. More photos were taken and me and Julien started drinking.

Long story short, we had a great time. Heaps of people put in a bit of effort (although Virginie probably looked the best) and everyone was really nice. Lots of people were able and willing to speak English so I wasn’t left out at all. Unfortunately, someone hijacked the music and he was pretty shit. It was a punk party and we didn’t hear a single Sex Pistols song. We got one anarchist song the whole night… Bit of a fail on his part. I mean, you didn’t want to have heavy, angry songs all night but defiantly more than 1. Plus, he wasn’t dressed up at all. What a fail of a person.

Anyway, we left at about 2:30/3. Virginie wasn’t drinking so she drove us back to her mother’s place where we crashed. It was a such a good night. Punk night coming up when I get back people. Start preparing.


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