Hyeres day 5

We all got up around the same time again and Julien got to work straight away at destroying some more stuff to do with the fireplace. While he did that, me and Virginie had breakfast (no baguette today šŸ˜¦ ). Julien went to work and Virginie knuckled down to her thesis (that’s the thing I have been helping with. Come to think about it, I better get aĀ mention in theĀ acknowledgements section) and I got down and dirty with uploading photos onto this blog. If fact that is all I did all day. And now it is 6:45pm and I can say that I am right up to date with everything. I cannot describe to you how happy this makes me feel! Not even a photo of me pulling a cheesy grin will suffice.

We finished the day with dinner which was carrot and fennel cooked in white wine and served with fried eggs.

IĀ also need to acknowledge Julien for his help in making my blog more presentable.


One thought on “Hyeres day 5

  1. Well done Jacob!
    This was your big aim.

    I’m in Walpole, leaving tomorrow to finish the Bibb Track walk.

    We’re both off on more adventures. šŸ™‚

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