Hyeres day 4

I woke up a little sore from the squash the day before. My arms, shoulders, back and, strangely enough, my right leg. I don’t really know why it was only my right. It doesn’t make any sence. I used both the whole time we played but it just seemed that one wanted to complain more than the other.

We had breakfast and Julien went off to work (I know, its strange. I felt as if either of them had a paying job) and me and Virginie did a bit of cleaning up around the place as her father and step… siblings were coming for lunch. When they arrived, we introduced ourselves and it turns out none of them speak English at all. As in nothing. I was a little surprised as most of the younger generations can usually communicate with you ok and are keen to improve their English but these guys just knew nothing. Didnt really bother me. They were here to see Virginie and I am in their country, not able to speak their language so it is really more my problem than theirs.

After we had introduced, we went off to the shops to buy what we needed for lunch. When I say shops, it was just the local growers market place that we went to last time we were in Hyeres. Real good local produce. Cant beat it!

We then came back and sat around cooking and chatting (in French). Opposed to the day before which was rain and wind, today was perfect. Like a nice spring day in Perth. Blue(enough) sky, sun that had plenty of heat in it when you were exposed but when you were in the shade it was pleasantly cool. So the fact that I couldn’t understand anything didn’t bother me one bit. We were sitting outside on their, I guess you would call it a, verandah. Virginie was very good and trying to include me when she could by translating questions for me but even if I wasnt included, it wouldn’t have bothered me. As we got closer to the end of lunch, the siblings (aged between 15 and 20) opened up a bit and showed they did know a few words of English which was great. At least they tried.

After lunch, (which was homemade ravioli from the growers market) it was decided that we would go for a walk. We packed up some water bottles and I made sure I had a nice big one filled to the top this time and jumped in the cars where we drove out of town the where there is an abandoned coal mine. We walked around for just over an hour, walking up to an old fort and back. It was perfect weather for this and I think we were all just trying the make the most of it. I tell you what though, my right leg was pretty pissed off at me the whole time. The trail was all rocky ground and always going up and down so it wasnt really ‘easy’ walking.

When we had enough, we got back into the car and quickly drove past Juliens work so Virginies’ dad could say hi. We the went back to the house and the family left to go home. By this time, it was about 5pm so it was starting to get late. Me and Virginie went off to a different shop as we needed meat for dinner that night and then came back to the house. When I got back, I got onto the internet and Tim and Clare were online and at Clares after what sounded like a great night out at Leedy 🙂 I spoke with them for a good hour and by the time we had finished, it was dark and getting cold so I went in.

At some point, apparently, Julien had come home while I was talking to Tim and Clare. He then got me to learn how to play drums. He has an electric drum kit in his room (the only other room to the house other than the kitchen/living room/my room) that he got for his birthday. I had a great jam. He tought me some basic rules about the technical side of drumming and then some basic rhythms. Great fun!

For dinner we had veggies stuffed with minced meat on wholemeal rice. Delicious. While eating cheese…. wait, I don’t think we had cheese. Strange. Anyway, while we probably didn’t have cheese, we watched funny TV commercials on youtube. I know, we are so cool. We spent easily an hour watching these videos. Was pretty funny. Got several jingles stuck in my head now. After we got tired of that, it was bedtime. Condition of legs: pretty sore. Getting out of my chair is a struggle. Getting in and out of the car earlier was worse.


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