Hyeres day 3

During the night, there had been a huge amount of rain. Apparently it hadn’t rained here for several months so it was a welcomed relief except for the fact that we had some minor flooding. Basically the huge backyard was several giant puddles. I was mesmerized by the amount of water there was. Other than that, the day started with baguette as any good French day should. After breakfast, me and Julien headed out to play a bit of squash. We had to clarify a few differences in rules but otherwise it was all the same. It a lot of fun. I hadn’t done any sport since we left over a month ago so I was pretty keen to get the heart rate going a little and this really succeed in doing that. I won the first game, he the second. Then I managed to pull out a lead by winning the next 2 but he found a new gear and won them back and then one extra on top of that to take the lead again. I won the next game in an epic 13-11 victory (we were playing first to 11 normally) to even it up at 4 games a piece but then he won the final decider quite easily. By this point I was so stuffed I could even run for any of the balls anymore. And he is such a lanky bastard that he didn’t really need to run at all. Great games though.

After that, we had to go and pick up a lid for the chimney that he was installing to match the fireplace which was still being put together. (well it was good enough that we had a fire the night before) We drove into Toulouse where we pulled up on the edge of a side road, Julian wound down my window, called over to some guy wearing a hood who walked over, handed me a package and Julian gave him 10Euro and then we drove off again. Julian then asked me to check to see if it was good. I was worried about what I had gotten myself into for a moment until I opened it and it was just the lid.

We then drove back to his house where we had some lunch and kind of just did our things for the rest of the afternoon. Me writing (I caught all the way up 🙂 ) and helping out where I could with the fireplace and translating.

For dinner, we had mussels cooked with onion and garlic in white wine sauce. I didn’t think that I liked mussel very much that these were delicious. Couldnt have enough of them. Maybe its just that I don’t like chilli mussel that we get in Aus. Apparently these were not the Spanish mussel that we get in Aus which are much larger and don’t look at appealing..

We had our usual cheese to finish and only stayed up for a little longer before going to bed. The reason we go to bed not long after dinner is they eat quite late. More like 8:30/9:00. So by the time you finish eating including dessert and clean up, it’s around 10:30ish


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