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Hello all. Glad you could all make it. This is my blog set up so that I can keep all of those people interest informed about what I am doing in my travels through out Europe and… other places. If you are new to me (the blog I mean) then follow this link https://jacoblaw89.wordpress.com/?order=ASC to the very first page titled “The First Address”. When you finish the first page, you must hit ‘older post’ to see the next 5 in chronological order. Confusing? I know. Imagine trying to pioneer this method.

If you have visited before then the most recent post is below this page. You will have to just click ‘older post’ which is underneath he comments section until you get to the post your up to.

Hope you enjoy the reading and please let me know what you think. If I don’t know what people think then I can’t improve. I don’t want any comments about poor spelling and grammar. Das ist verboten.


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