Tours to Sarlat

We left in good time that morning. We had breakfast (I suggested pizza. Instead it was illegal baguette) and headed off. We just went motorways with no detours at all. We arrived in a little town for some lunch but they just had nothing. It looked like a tourist town but it was definitely a huge fail. We continued on until we came to a place that just seemed like a huge Bunnings-like complex. Still they had sustenance. I make it sound like we were poor and starving when it wasnt like that at all. Only starving…

The trip from our lunch stop near Limoges to Sarlat which was where we were staying was much better. We started going through hilly territory and taking some smaller roads. And I think we got lost as well but it didn’t bother me. I was sitting in the back just enjoying the scenery that we had accidentally gone into. We eventually made it to the town we were looking for and I realised that the region we were in was Perigord which is famous for foie gras and truffle. It took us a long time to find our hotel as it was out of town and not on any map that we had but we got there. We had bought some baguettes which we had for dinner with the condiments that we had been carrying around with us. It was actually really good baguette. We have become baguette connoisseurs while in France. We had bought these ones just from the place we had lunch. I think it was they put heaps of salt in. Anyway good baguette meal before sleep.



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