Sarlat to Castelnau De Montmiral

We left Sarlat in really good time. Just all happened to get up. Had THE BEST sleep of the trip so far. I think I am getting into it properly now. When we left the hotel, we went off to the old town of Sarlat where we had seen a laundromat to do some washing. While we waited, we walked around, looking at all the old parts of the town. It was really nice. Heaps of sun and not many people around so it was very pleasant. The streets just seemed to weave in and out, up and down and everywhere. Really cool.

When the washing finished, we got back into the car and started heading for our next nights stop. We set the GPS to avoid toll roads so it took us out into really small little towns in the middle of nowhere. Again I think we got lost a couple of times but it didn’t bother me at all. Just let it all happen quite happily. Again it was very hilly territory and we climbed several small mountains during the day. We traveled through small, little, ancient, French towns. Through hills, over rivers, around lakes. Absolutely stunning territory including what I thought was a famous wine town called Champagnac but when I researched it, nothing seems to come up. They definitely have vineyards there. I mean, we drove past them… Eh, doesn’t matter.

We eventually made it to our destination which was called Castelnau De Montmiral. As the name suggest, it is a castle. It sits on top of this hill with roads winding up to the old town which is up the top. In the centre of this old town, we found a square with a well in the middle of it. In this square was our hotel. It was so damn cool. We were in this old building that really would be torn down if it was in Perth. My parents had a room with a balcony looking over our kingdom. All the farms, the hills, the rivers and our serfs working the fields.

We walked around, enjoying our new home (for the night) and when we were ready, we headed down to the commoners area where there was a pizza place that we liked the look of. All the restaurants next to our palace were all in French and probably didn’t just have beef with cheese for Chris and Mum. But, seriously, none of us knew what we were going to get if we ordered there. This pizza place was great. The pizza wasnt as good quality as the other place in Tours but this one let you build your own pizza. You got to select 3 ingredients out of a list of about 20 and then they made it. Simple and nice.

When we had finished our pizza, we went back to the hotel..I mean residence where we basically went to bed


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