Paris to Normandy

Another restless sleep to compound my troubles… We had to be up at about 7 so that we could catch a train to Caen that morning. It actually wasnt so bad as I got to nod off a little on the train. We ended up getting to the train station with plenty of time so I was able to get a second breakfast which I desperately needed by this point. We had to walk for 30 mins before getting on a metro packed to the brim with peak hour commuters that we probably angered a lot. Its ok, I told them I was American 😛

When we did arrive in Caen, we picked up the car which we had hired for the next 5 days or so. We put all our luggage into it and went and had lunch at the local TAB. Virginie had organised that we stay with some of her family while we were in Normandy. They live on a farm about 1 hour away from Caen. It took us more like 3. Between dad learning how to drive, and problems with the GPS and then directions that were hard to follow, it took us a little longer than we anticipated. When we arrived we were greeted with a smiling face that couldn’t speak a word of English. It was ok though because dad had his iphone and ipad which had translators on them which helped immensely. She (being Fabian) asked us inside where we met Oliver (Fabians husband) who was bed ridden as he had fallen off a roof just a few days prior.

Not long after we arrived, we got asked if we would like to go on a short road trip, first to pick up their daughter Elise from school. She a very cute 6 year old girl who was very shy to being with but really opened up as she got to know us better. Our next stop was to Oliver’s parents farm where we picked up some fresh cows milk and got to see heaps of the production side of milking cows and where they live in winter, ect.

When we left there we went off to the shops where we got ingredients for dinner that night. By the time we had got back, it was about 7:00 and it took a little while until dinner was ready. It was lasagne.Traditional northern France cuisine. It was served with homemade Calvados to start with and then some homemade apple cider with the main meal. When we had finished and cheese was about to be brought out, I said that I had to go to bed. I was absolutely gone by this point because of my sickness which had morphed to include a cough that was slowly transitioning into a sore throat.


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