Normandy to Tours

We needed to be up much earlier this morning. 7:30ish. We wanted to see Fabian and Elise off before they went to school/work. We got ready and made a very easy, not so quick, getaway after saying goodbye to Oliver.

The trip was fairly uneventful. We got on a motorway and pretty much stayed there for the entire journey. Oh wait… wait. I just remembered. (stupid falling behind…) We took a huge detour to Mont Saint-Michel which is a stunning town/castle that sits on a small hill surrounded by flood planes with only one road that leads to it. I think it is where they got the inspiration for the Walt Disney castle that is at the start of all their movies. We had lunch there as well although we didn’t go into the town itself. That was kind of my idea. I thought it would look far better than actually being in it. I’m sure that it is just full of tourist traps. Souvenir stores and crap cafes that usually mark a tourist hot spot.

When we did arrive in Tours, we couldn’t find our hotel. We arrived right where the GPS took us which was the right road and everything, just no hotel. Turns out we weren’t actually staying in Tours itself but in Joue-les-Tours which is on the outskirts of Tours. We eventually found the right place and settled in.

By the time we arrived it was about 6:30 so we went out to find some dinner. Not far from the hotel, we had seen a Maccas which we weren’t too keen on having but we headed there anyway cos it was close. There was a pizza place just across the road that we hadn’t noticed so we went over there instead, just for something other than Maccas. Best decision of the trip so far? Really good pizza. I’m talking REALLY  good. Mum and Cass had ordered just one to share but when they finished it, they thought it was so good they got another. The waitress, although she claimed she only spoke a little English, was very helpful with a good sence of humour. We even had dessert there before going back to the hotel for sleep.



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