Normandy full day

We got up pretty late this day. Well, it wasnt so much getting up late but it was we got ready very slowly. It wasnt until 11:30 that we actually left the house. We had planned on going to the Normandy beaches where the D-Day landings happened. Our first stop was Omaha beach which is maybe the most famous out of the beaches because it was the bloodiest. On the way, we found something of a map that showed the different beaches and sites that you could visit. Unfortunately, it wasnt in English nor was it very accurate. It had given us an idea about where to go and so once we had taken our photos of Omaha, we started heading further along the coast to where there is still some of the old German batteries ‘intact’.

On the way there however, we stumbled upon the American war cemetery. There is a huge information centre at the entrance which I spent about half an hour in before going out into the cemetery itself. I had actually lost everyone else at this point and I wasnt feeling great so I walked around for a little while before heading back to the car in the hope that I would find someone there. Unfortunately no. I stayed there anyway in the hope someone would show up and also just to rest. I waited about 20 mins before going back over to see if I could find any of them. They were in the cemetery by then so I wandered around for a bit longer. I think in total we were there around one and a half hours.

We got back in the car and started heading for the batteries again. Now, when i say they are still, intact i mean they have been left since the end of the war and havent really been touched at all. It’s really cool, you can go right into the bunkers almost unrestricted. It’s just one or two they don’t let you in because of safety reasons. Last time I was here, I had done a tour and they had taken us to a different site which I am disappointed about because the other one was better but this was good enough for the family. They were happy.

When we were done, we headed back to Carentan which is the town near where the farm is to get some food for dinner. We were cooking that night. We had apricot chicken. Delicious. While mum and Fabian prepared dinner, we all just kind of sat around. I was writing while Cass played a game similar to Ludo with Elise. Elise just seemed to make rules up as she went. Moving to many or not enough places and then occasionally rolling again if she didn’t like the number that came out. You know, the usual. I then had a game of checkers with her. Now I’m not checkers champion, in fact I have only played about twice in my life but I have a feeling she was making rules up again. She started by moving a piece (I think we had too many on the board as well), so I jumped over it and took it. She then took mine by jumping over an empty space and over mine. I wasnt really sure what happened there but I let it pass. I continued to play the game the right way while she just did whatever she felt like. Moving pieces as far as she liked and taking my tokens off wherever she felt like it, taking extra turns, moving backwards, jumping from one side of the board to the other and taking all the pieces off that it flew over. usually up to 3. I started trying to copy these tactics myself but it was too late and she won. We then played another game which went the same way. She even decided she could land on my piece and take it (not to mention the 3 others she flew over to get to it). Eh it was all very funny so I didn’t mind losing.. again.

Eventually dinner was served and we all enjoyed the meal greatly. Fabian even asked for the recipe. Then cheese was brought out and we sat around chatting for a while until we were ready to go to bed.


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