Koblenz to Paris

Because of Koblenz’s position compared to Paris and Luxembourg, and our Eurail passes where not valid in Luxembourg, we had to catch a train south to a place called Saarbrueken which we had a 2 hour stopover in. When we arrived, it was conveniently lunchtime so we brought our packs along with us down the main street from the train station. We had thought about staying here just to make our next days travel just a little bit easier and by god I’m glad we didn’t do that. I mean, we didn’t get to see much of the town but that main street was not a great start. It was busy with lots of people around but no nice little alfresco areas that we had become accustomed to give the place a more laid back feel. It felt dirty and just kind of unpleasant with its atmosphere. We stopped at a place that turned out to be a kabab place with seating which was actually ok. I thought my parents would not be happy with that but turns out they did. Come to think of it, it was my dad who suggested it.

When we had finished, we were back on the train heading for Paris. This was only a short trip as it was on one of those crazy Japanese trains that travel at 350km/hour. Well that was the max speed we reached. (Insert side story found at bottom. It is completely unrelated)

When we were in Perth, my dad helped out Julian’s sister and her friend who were travelling Australia with their car so as a repayment, the sister let us use her apartment and kicked out her 2 other housemates for the weekend. This was pretty nice of her, don’t really know what the, now homeless, housemates thought though.. Anyway, when we arrived in Paris, we had to pick up the keys from one of these 2 homeless destitute from the other side of Paris. I was volunteered to go on the expedition with dad because i had experience at travelling or something. We had to get some metro tickets and catch 2 different trains at (what we thought to be) peak hour time. The journey would take us 1 hour just to get out to the place where the bum could meet us. (I guess there is more food scraps the further you go out. Or maybe there is just less competition) The trip out was pretty easy. Well for me it was simple. Paris has a huge Metro network and my dad I don’t think was prepared for it. Just follow the signs to the train number you want. It did takes us the full hour to get out to ‘La Defence’ and then we came out to a huge shopping centre. 4 stories high and this is where it got a little more confusing. We had planned to meet the bum at Starbucks but we found out when we looked at a map that there was 2. We kind of just guessed one and headed for there. Turns out it was the right one luckily but apparently our little beggar friend had a cardboard house to build or something because she was 20 minutes after us (I am sounding so awful… This person was so nice for going so far out of her way to let someone else use her house. I am actually really grateful, I just thought the spin on that we kicked her out on the street was amusing). When she did arrive, she spoke good English and told us all we needed to know about getting back to the apartment and feeding the cat and the key ect (turns out, she didn’t tells us about the code to get into the building..)

It was another hour to get back to where we had left the rest of the family so the whole trip was about two and a half (men) hours in total. We got some dinner at the train station and headed for the metro again so we could get to the apartment. We found it all pretty easily from there and settled in for a relaxing night in. It hadn’t been much of a day but so much travelling (for me and dad at least) made us tired.


Ok so as I was writing this post (I am like a week behind. Its cos I’m sick.. not lazy. ok a little bit lazy. Actually mostly cos im lazy) at the farm in Normandy and I was asked to play checkers with Elise. (this will all become clear later) So I put my laptop aside and started playing. This is what Cassidy decided to do while I was playing. I may have told her I deleted it. I know I didn’t mention that I would put in the blog.

jacob vs. elise

checkers. 19th october, 2011. fine conditions, no wind. risk of fires in the next room.

your commentator: cassidy law

welcome ladies and gemntlemen. were here for an amazing round of checkers that has begun. i dont really know whats happening seeing how i dont know how to play. jacob has declared she is making up rules, but she is a french speaker and doesnt know he is onto her. elise appears to have something up her sleave and has a sheepish look on her face. she laughed evilly as she took possession of TWO of jacobs pieces, and again he complained.  the game appears to have little to no thought whatsoever and the language barrier is almost cringe worthy. elise seems to be winning but she did start off with less pieces. jacob, the little push over, is no longer standing up for himself when elise illegally takes more than one of his pieces. he, in fact, started using her made up rules (that he doesnt even know are rules since its in french) against her. this made him happy and her more determined. she is still rambling on in french and jacob is looking more bewildered then ever. itl be a tight finish as the only rule is that if you move a piece you can take any oponants piece. a rematch is being planned as we speak but thats all we have time for from me, cassidy law. pleased to have you with us for another week of checkers and please check out our website

www.checkersrus.com where you can buy checkers boards for only $40! this is me, cassidy law, signing off. goodbye australia.


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