Koblenz day 1

I had been talking to Tini (That’s my friend. I don’t think I mentioned it last time) and we had agreed to meet up at midday at a point that we knew. This was great from us as we still wanted to catch up on the sleep we missed out on the night before. When we did meet up with her, we just kind of walked around in directions she said was some statue or monument or church/cathedral or just something old in general. This was actually a really good little tour. Turns out the old town is quite large with heaps of history. Actually 2000 years of history! She was constantly pointing out bars that had some unique characters about them or were just a lot of fun. Its hard really to put down in words but this place was just nice. Maybe, for me at least, it was having someone I knew as a friend to hang out with but i really liked this place. As we got closer to the river, we came across a huge flower festival that Koblenz was hosting that year. Apparently this festival is huge and gets hosted in a different German city each year and it had taken up a huge area of space including the entrance to the cable car going up to the castle which was a bit annoying because the cable car is usually free but it was 20Euro to get into the festival.

We walked around to the other side of the festival area to the point where the Mosel and Rhine rivers meet. This is a hugely important place for Germans. Its called The German Corner and has a huge statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I (The first emporer of Germany) looking out over the corner and, i think coincidently, in the general direction of Berlin. We spent a bit of time in that spot, taking photos ect before we started walking along the Rhine (after they had joined) as we needed to go to the Hauptbahnhof. This walk took a fair bit longer than what we anticipated (not Tini, she knew what she was doing. It was just a bit too far for the others). When we got to the Hauptbahnhof, we bought train tickets for our journey to Paris a few days later and Tini showed us back to our original meeting point. We sat and had a coffee before parting ways with Tini. It was only 4 in the afternoon but Mum and Dad were going to do some shopping and Tini had to go and drop some stuff off before going out later anyway.

I had told Tini that i was pretty keen for a drink (I then had to explain what ‘keen’ meant. Pretty sure she lived in a bubble for 6 months when she was in Australia) and asked if she was free to go out either of the 2 nights i had remaining. She said she was good for that night.

I left the hotel a bit early so i could get a kebab before i met up with her. (Ok, German kebabs are probably the best in the world. No joke. And i hadn’t had a single one my whole time here so that was dinner.) We agreed to meet at the same point we had met up early, in front of a church, before heading off to a place. She asked if i had anywhere in particular. As if i had any idea. Anyway, she took me to a bar that is i guess themed ‘rock’. It was the greatest. It was pretty cheap (3Euro for a pint). We were one of the first to get there so we got a table and got served there. The music ranged from metal to old school Jimi Hendrix. There is just nothing like that in Perth. There is one place that i know of that is supposed to be a rock club and it is just always full of weird people and all they play is metal. This place, when it got busier, was a great mix of all different stereotypes with a huge variety of music.

The reason the place was full on a Tuesday was because it was this huge party that happens once a semester. The idea is that all the students that are new to the city can go out and meet knew people and see what the nightlife is like. They have 2 big schools in Koblenz. The University where Tini goes and the ‘Collage’ (well that’s what we were calling it.) and tonight was the collages’ night. We had been sitting around for a little while (2 drinks) and someone in one of the pub crawl groups for the college came over and started talking to Tini. He eventually sat down, brought his girlfriend and her friend over as well. Suddenly we had a party.

As we sat there with these people, I had several random people come up to me and ask if I was the Australian. This made me feel pretty good as being Australian doesn’t usually get people that interested anymore but i guess because I wasnt in a tourist spot i was still a novelty. When the group were moving on the next place, Tini and i decided we would just tag along for the ride. Best…idea…ever. The next place we went to was in a cellar. As in it was down some stairs and situated in an old brick, styled room.

After that one we went to a place that was known as having lots of ‘games’ I was a little confused when that description was given to me but it’s actually really self explanatory. It has darts, pool, board games and im sure there were others.  All I know is we didn’t actually spend much time there before we got pushed to the next and final place on our tour. When Tini took us around during the day, she showed us this place that you can get a good cheap breakfast. Little did i know that by day its breakfast and by night its a thumping nightclub. We had pretty much nothing of a line (but enough time to have welcome shots) and when we got in i was really surprised. It was huge. I would guess a good couple of hundred people. We got ourselves some drinks and then headed to the line for the ‘downstairs’ area. We had to wait in some shitty line with people that kept trying to push to the front but it was totally worth it. At the bottom was this stereotype of nightclub that I have only seem in movies. The place was absolutely packed with people. The music was a huge mixture of pop and old school ‘stuff’ in general (As in no genre in particular. Usually had a bit of a remix touch but not completely changed) but the coolest bit was the roof which was really low and would light up with the music.

We ended up leaving there at about 2:30 and got a kebab from the place right next door. This took a while as everyone else that was leaving seemed to have the same idea. When we finished, the people I was with (being Tini and two of her friends from her work that we had met ‘downstairs’) took me back to the church so that I knew the way home.

It was such a good night. One of my favourite things about travelling is drinking and having a good time with people you have never met before. I hadn’t had the opportunity to do this at all so far so i just had the greatest time in so many cool places that Perth just doesn’t have. I had forgotten how much Perth’s nightlife lacks…. everything. In particular character, sensibility and Germans. I think the Germans really help.



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