Hyeres day 2

When we were all up and fed, I helped out with installing the new fireplace. Well I tried to help out. There wasnt much that I could do. I did a few screws here and there, moved some stuff around. The usual.

After a while, Virginie asked me if I could help her with something. When she was in Australia, she had taken some audio recordings of people that she had interviewed for her thesis and needed help understanding what they were saying. This was actually a lot harder than it sounds. The first guy had a really strong accent and used a fair bit of slang which Virginie didn’t know what they meant. Then at one point they got into the car and were driving somewhere so there was heaps of background noise from that which made it even harder. She had translated most of it, it was just a few words here and there that she missed. Then the next people she interviewed was this older aboriginal couple. They were relatively easy to understand except the man tended to mumble a bit and stammer a lot and often they would talk over each other so you couldn’t understand what either of them were saying. What they were talking about was what things they had to do to get their land back from the government and what kind of things they were doing to try and make a better life for the future aboriginal generations.

When we took a break we had some lunch which was pasta with onion and homegrown capsicum. Simple but tasty. After lunch I just helped out with both of the jobs that each of them were working on and writing in between.

As dinner got closer, a couple of their friends showed up and we sat around chatting while waiting for dinner. Dinner was roast duck and it was sooo tasty. You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed it. Pity the friends were around because then I had to share. When we finished dinner, we had some cheese and all the usual things. They were all watching some youtube videos of some French singers that I no idea about and by the time everyone had gone and we had tidied up, I was ready to collapse. And in fact I think I did.


One thought on “Hyeres day 2

  1. Have just finished reading your blog Jacob…..loved it, very interesting and I look forward to following you around on your travels.
    Have a wonderful time and stay safe. xx

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