Hyeres day 1

We got up and had breakfast with Julian and Virginie. After breakfast, we all went into the old town of Hyeres. It was a sunday and the rugby world cup final that France was a part of was on so there was practically no one on the streets at all. It is actually a really good old town. We went up a hill that over looks the whole city and got a great view including the bay that it sits on. Wen we came back down, we jumped back in the car and went off to visit the ‘clocks guy’. I’m going to link his website in so you can see some of the stuff he does. I guess its called art but this is practical and the ingenuity of it is just incredible. He said the way he builds his clocks is he starts with some scrap bikes (forgot to mention the whole thing is just made with parts off old bicycles) and puts a bunch of wheels and chains together in an order he thinks looks good and then works out how to make it keep an accurate time. The website is


When we finished there we headed for Nice. This was the day that the rest of my family were going to be heading home and they were flying out of Nice airport. My dad dropped of the car off at Europcar and then we headed to check-in and luggage…um..dumping? I don’t really know what it’s called when they take your bags away. Then it was the sad goodbye. Wont see them for another several months. I did have a great time travelling with my family, hope I showed them around ok considering all of the places we went I had only been to once, or less, in my life.

When we had seen them off, Julian and Virginie needed to pick up a fireplace, from a friend of theirs, that they had purchased to install in there house as they had no other real form of heating. After waiting for this guy to come home for maybe 20 minutes, we went in and had a drink with him and then left. When we came back home, they decided they didn’t like there new fireplace so they went out again to look at a different one they had seen on France’s equivalent of gumtree. While they went out, I stayed at the house and wrote. I have this idea that i will catch up on all my journal that I havent been doing while im here. I’m only a couple of days behind now. Its great.

When they got back, they had another new fireplace. This one was very nice. Its green. After admiring their great buy, Virginie started preparing dinner. We had a local, traditional recipe of black pudding called boutifar. It was really tasty but very strong in flavour. It was served with some potatoes and if I didn’t mix the boutifar with potato it was just too intense. Much better with the potato to sort of mellow it out a little. Even Virginie said it was a stronger recipe than she was used to. For dessert, we had stewed apples which was delicious and we watched the French news. Not that I could understand a single word of it but they had lots of pretty pictures on the screen.


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