Hanover to Koblenz

When we were planning the trip back at home, we had a few days in between Hanover and Paris that we needed to fill somewhere along the Rhine (well that’s what I suggested) It wasnt until we got to Hanover that we decided to book accommodation. Turns out this was the best mistake we could have made. We had decided we would go to Koln (Cologne) but when it came to actually booking somewhere to sleep, there was nothing. I mean nothing for the first night. Then i searched a different city nearby and had a look at shoestring to see what it said about it. That city was Koblenz. I also knew someone that lived there. I had met her in Ireland when she was travelling with a friend and then when she came to Australia, i got in contact with her again and I (tried) to show her around Perth and Margaret River.

The train we took had to go through Koln anyway so when it arrived we got off so we could have a look around the city that we weren’t going to be staying at. The main attraction of Koln is the Cathedral which pretty much the biggest in Europe and right next to the train station. We put our luggage in storage and walked outside. The first thing i noticed was that the weather was hugely better than in Hanover. The second was the cathedral. This thing is massive. Apparently 156m tall and took 600 years to build with really tall, elongated windows with spires and really intricate carvings above the doors. It really is very impressive the whole thing. The amount of time and effort that it would have required to build it is just astonishing. One thing the Christians do really well is Cathedrals.

When we arrived in Koblenz, we found our hotel (which was a little bit difficult to get there with the direction we took) and settled in. We didn’t really do much that afternoon as it was kind of late by the time we got going in the morning. So it was pretty much have a look around our immediate area and eat some dinner before settling in for the night.


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