Hanover day 2

We weren’t really sure what we going to be doing this day. We had agreed to meet up with Chris and Hermy at 1:00 and were given a few things we could do if we wanted to do something beforehand. We chose to stay at the hostel and take a break. Ok, i have to admit it was kind of nice to not do anything in particular for a while. Plus it was not very nice out so we weren’t too keen to leave the warmth and shelter that the hostel provided.

When we got to Chris’s, we got back into the same cars as the day before with dad driving Chris’s car again. Our first destination was a castle built by the King of Hanover just before they were conquered by Prussia in 1800 and something. It took us half and hour to drive there but was totally worth it. It was built-in “neo-gothic” style which means lots of tall spires, ramparts and towers. It sits on the top of a wooded hill overlooking a valley with a river. It looks like a castle from a Disney film.

The only way to get in was to do a paid tour so we paid our Euro and got given handheld audio guides. The tour took about 1 and bit hours and was actually really good. Normally the inside of castles are just boring and the outside is the only interesting bit but somehow this place was different. Maybe because it was built for the Emporer of the times wife so it had to be made really pretty.

When we finished our tour, we got back into the cars and headed to a city that had no relevance to anything except that it had a nice cathedral. We didn’t actually make it to the cathedral but the old town that we did wander around was ok. There just seemed to be so much construction going on that it made it hard to actually enjoy.

From this town, we went back to Chris’s where we dropped off the cars and our bags and headed for the tram stop so we could catch one into the centre of Hanover for dinner. We hadn’t had a single schnitzel so far in our time in germany and i was very disappointed about this so we went off to a Barverian restaurant/pub where they did have them. We had some bier there and enjoyed the food a lot. We hung around for a really long time. We were all pretty tired as even though we didn’t need to be at Chris’s at 1 that morning, we still needed to be up for breakfast which finished at 9. After Chris (didn’t) finish her bier, we left and went back to her house just to get our packs and say our goodbyes. When we were at her house, she showed us a few books in her collection include the illegal Mein Kampf written by Hitler. Apparently she was allowed one because she is a teacher or something like that.

I eventually tore myself away from the book and we did get to say our last farewells before going back to the hostel for some not so well earnt sleep.


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