Castelnau De Montmiral to Hyeres

We left our estate that morning in easy time. Thanks to the late checkout and breakfast. The day ahead was going to be very uneventful. We got on the motorway and didn’t stop. Well we did stop for a toilet break at what we were referring to as a road house. I think they do road houses a little differently here. This place was packed with about 30,000 people probably (leave room for my licence to exaggerate) so we kinda just used there lavatories and moved on to find somewhere else for lunch. We actually ended up just having lunch in the car with leftover pizza.

We continued on all the way to Hyeres with only one mishap and that was not getting a ticket as we drove through the barriers for the toll booths. We managed to survive that and they let us continue on without having to sacrifice a kidney or a whole member of the family.

We finally arrived in Hyeres and went straight to Julian and Virginies house. It was great seeing them again. Back to where it all began. We settled in and then got ready to go out for dinner. We just went to a steakhouse that wasnt too far away. I didn’t actually enjoy it that much as it didn’t come out at a very warm temperature. In fact I would say it was cold. Sat under the lights a bit too long maybe. Anyway, everybody else really enjoyed their meals and we had dessert as well which was much better. We then went home and because of our long day driving pretty much went straight to bed.


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